I can feel a summons coming on

Still working on the mobile game. Spent most of the day trying to register an iPhone5 on test flight, it kept telling me it was an iPhone4. Eventually found out that it was because it was restored from a backup. So lots of buggering about later it decided it was in fact an iPhone5. So first version of that concept out, got some feedback, lots of work to do. I’ll start on that tomorrow. Ended up doing a few bits on the main project, again need to do a bit more on that tomorrow.

Went out for a run. Much to the dogs annoyance. She got her walk in the evening, plus we played ‘bombing the ball down the stairs’, which is always popular and knackers her out after ten minutes.

Still no receipt from plumbers. So Saturday I’ll put a formal request for everything in a letter and send that off. If after fourteen days they fail to respond I’ll send one recorded and then issue a summons. I don’t know why people attempt to piss me off, they all fail.

The Strawberry wine is almost there. Added a couple more sachets of something, now need to let it clear, then siphon it off. Then add something else, bottle it and wait another bloody four weeks. The White wine still seems to taste a bit shit to me.

New flash card arrived and USB reader, I shoved it in the Ubuntu box and it read it fine. So now transferring the latest pfSense image to it, will then try and mount it and copy the config across. Then at the weekend I’ll put the new card in and see what it does. I’m not going to bother putting gag on it this time as that seems to interfere with the automatic upgrade process. I’ll wait until I have a stable image before doing that again. I never updated the MAC address for the network card on the UPS script anyway. They are pretty low power now so the UPS can run for them for quite a while, so I’m not going to worry about it for the moment.

Need to pick Jamie up from the station at midnight. Oh joy.

Apple iOS provisioning portal, how I’ve missed you

Woke up very early and took the dog to day care. Tidied up some scaling issues on the game I’m working on. Then zapped it across to the iMac and got it running on iPad and iPhone5. Then attempted to build an ad-hoc version, which requires doing battle with the iOS provisioning portal. Which it’s entire purpose in life is just to irritate the shit out of people, it succeeded. Anyway, finally got a test flight build to build, so need to wait on feedback before I do any more on that.

Did a couple of audio library tweaks for a few odd bugs that have been found. Picked up the dog. She is now suitably tired.

Jamie is in EuroDisney or whatever it’s called these days, keeps posting Facebook photo’s or castles and giant burgers, couldn’t he find a salad?

I ran lunchtime, so basically have the entire evening to myself. Good excuse for a bath me thinks. May be a glass of wine or two.

I may get to sue someone else soon, good I was getting bored

Still working on the mobile project I was working on, but I’m working on it on PC as it’s just easier to work with. I’ve now got it to a stage though where I can transfer it all across to the Mac and XCode and build it for iOS. Then I can start debugging it on the iPhone and iPad. It’s only a concept demo, but these things have to start somewhere.

It was raining so I worked right through lunch and didn’t end up going for a run until about 5PM. Jamie did actually get up this morning to get his haircut, came back with a floppy fringe (yey!), decided he didn’t like it so gelled the fuck out of it (boo!). Shame, it shows off his massive forehead. But the good news is that Google are interested in using it for ad space.

Came back and did some more work. Still haven’t managed to kill new plants yet. Left another message for the boiler fitters to say I still haven’t received a proper VAT invoice yet and that they haven’t filed the correct paperwork at the council and Bosch have no registration of the boiler serial number. I’ll give them until the end of the week then I’ll put it in writing. Then I’ll give them two weeks and then issue a court summons for the entire amount plus costs. I really wish people wouldn’t fuck with me as I am a real nasty bastard. Incidentally Paul Hayes never filed the correct paper work at the council either, so I’ll be after him as well…

Checked on the Strawberry wine, the gravity on that has finally dropped so I’ve added the stabilizer. That’ll need to settle for a couple of days.

Jamie is now packing as he’s off to Euro-Disney tomorrow with another poof from work. At least that means I get an evening of peace and can go to bed without being kept up by the ‘night-light’ of his bloody phone.

I’m attempting to upgrade pfSense again. Remember last time it managed to upgrade itself to itself, which wasn’t exactly what was planned.

I think I’ll do the dished then have a shower. Oh the pfSense box has just reset itself, lets see what a cock up it’s made this time. Oh, the same cock up as last time. Lovely, I’ll try a manual update.

That’s the pile for work clothes, that’s the pile for hoodies and that’s the pile for fancy dress

So I got, almost on time. Started work, almost on time. Took a little while to get into it, with it being a Monday.

Walked the dog. It was raining and miserable, the dog really wasn’t into it and had to almost drag her round. Came back did more work.

It was 5PM. Jamie was still in bed. He eventually got up. I’ve been moaning to him about sorting out his clothes in the wardrobe. He made a start. I came in the bedroom later, he said he had a pile for work clothes, a pile of t-shirts, one for hoodies and one for fancy dress. He probably could do with one for man bags as well.

Went to body combat, worked hard at that, almost broke into a sweat. Came back, did more work. Sat down and caught up with some telly. Ate cake, didn’t drink anything. Time for bed. Hopefully no rain tomorrow so I can go running.

And then the Chinese buffet occurred

Started off the day with breakfast, coffee and watching porn. This thankfully lead to sex. I tried a number of adventurous positions, my knee is still aching.

Got up. Removed large amounts of expanding foam from the boiler flu using a bread knife. Stuffed hole with deep gap filler, which has a half hour drying time, which means now at bed time it’s of course still squidgy. Serialised a few more bottles and bottled the rest of the wine. We took the dog out on her new 10M leash thing. Took her to a field and chucked a ball about, unfortunately I chucked the ball 11M, my wrist is now swollen. Did in the end attached the 10M leash to her 8M extending lead, Jamie being a gay, couldn’t actually throw the ball that far so removed the problem completely.

Came back, had a boiled egg.

Attempted to upgrade pfSense to the latest snapshot build. It completed the upgrade process and successfully upgraded to the exact same version which was on there before, so something got tanked somewhere in the process.

Then we went out to a Chinese buffet, ‘Lucky Dragon’ which a bunch of Tesco people, I ended up sitting next to Jason, so spent the evening making suggestive comments and admiring his completely ‘gaunt’ expression. There’s a man who needs to go on a burger diet. Meal was nice, but took ages, we started at 8, only just finished it at 11. Will write my TripAdvisor review shortly. So now back and writing things. Think I will have a bath, a glass of wine and then bed, as it’s now midnight.

I bought a palm tree

Started the day off as I like to start most days, with breakfast and a coffee and not too early. Finally got up and walked the dog. We bumped into our friends again and once more she was good as gold.

Went to the pet shop and got one of the long training lead things, so will try her on that as the last step before hopefully getting her completely off the lead. Also got her a pig trotter for her great improvement over the last few weeks. Did the shopping. Had lunch.

Then I went to the garden centre and looked at house plants. Ended up buying a nice looking palm tree, actually it’s a ‘Beaucarnea’. Also bought a Yucca and a Aechmea, which is a pink flower thing, for the office. They are all alive now, but give it a few weeks and I’m sure they will be in the compost bin.

Walked into town, failed to buy anything. Visited mother, failed to kill her. Came home, did the accounts and paid everyone. Now going to settle down to a bath and then create one of my mega curries.

This morning I was visited by god, well his salesman anyway

The doorbell rang, the dog attacked the door. I answered to two women dressed up like Michelin men (well it was freezing). I chucked the dog in the kitchen. She was holding a piece of paper and asked me, “Have you ever asked any of these question?”, closely followed by, “Have you ever wondered why we are all here?”. To which I replied, “Because you rang the doorbell.” She smiled, this was going to be a tough one. I said I wasn’t religious. She replied with, “Have you always thought that way?”. To which I thought, probably not after a couple of bottles of wine. She then said, “What do you think about all the wars and the drugs?”. Like a shot I replied with, “Yes I’m definitely missing out”, which probably wasn’t the wisest answer on the planet. She left me her piece of paper and I bid them a pleasant morning, they were harmless, I’d much rather have them then some pikey trying to sell me tarmacking.

Working on what I was working on before again. Actually made pretty good progress today on it, sorted out all the spline issues. It’s now actually beginning to look more like a game than a mass or debug numbers.

Walked the dog. Now this is odd, she has this new coat (I don’t mean she’s shed and grown a new one, although with the amount of hair she produces I wouldn’t put it past her), it’s a very nice waterproof and fur thing that Jamie got her. When she has it on she really does walk beautifully. It was very odd that I kept banging her head on the lead handle as she was walking so closely to me and not pulling. We came across a few other dogs including one of her friends and she behaved wonderfully. All a bit strange, I wonder if doggy day care are training her a little bit, as she always seems really good when she comes back from there.

Went to the gym and did pump. Did lots of washing. Now just finished up work, lots to do on it next week, but pleased it’s now in a good shape to do more development on anyway.

Now it’s time to get some more washing on, have a bath, phone mother, enjoy listening to her talk about herself. Then it’s pizza time. Not too sure about the weekend. May look at plants.

Another evening of valve twiddling

Today continued working on what I was doing yesterday. I thought I had it all done then worked out it was all going wrong as it used a load of spline code that I hand’t converted at all.

Went running, it’s now all beginning to defrost, hopefully that’s the last of the snow.

So in the afternoon, in between spline code, or should it be spline code in between everything else….I knocked all the valves off the radiators, opened up all the lock shields, turned the water heating off and then measured everything using the laser gun. I have a feeling the dual probe may not be as accurate as I thought, plus the laser is giving me very consistent results. So I measured everything cold, then let it heat up for half hour then measured it again. This time I was more interested in the flow temperature at each rad. So I made up a table with each rad and wrote down the flow (and return for reference). Initially I had 77 in the bath room down to 72 in the lounge, so only 5 degrees drop. The flow return was more interesting, only 4 degrees across the smallest rads but the dining room and the lounge were showing 21 degrees. So working on the new theory for each degree of difference I tightened up the lock shield by 1/4 turn. I then left it for twenty minutes then measured it all again. So on the second attempt there was still 4 degrees difference, but at least it had dropped by 1. Also the flow / return max drop had gone to 20 degrees. So now round two. Got down to 2 degrees difference and 17 degrees max flow return drop. Round three was 3 degrees and 15 degrees drop. Round 4 was back to 2 degrees and 14 degree drop. I think that’s as best as I’m going to get it, I did one more tweak on the last measure, so will do a final one now. And then when you just start to measure it all the dinning room hit the thermostat temperature and shut the boiler off, so will have to leave it for a couple more minutes. Right, so the final tally is, from worst to last, bathroom an cloak room at 7 degrees difference, not really surprising considering they are by far the smallest rads, you try and get 12 degree drop across something the size of a dinner plate. Second place is the office and hall, next biggest rads at 9 degrees. Jamie’s room and the spare room are at 10 degrees, the kitchen is at 11. The bedroom, on-suite and living room are spot on at 12 degrees and the dining room has 15 degrees. The only way I’d get that slightly better is to increase the pump speed and I don’t really want to go there again. So, there we are, all finally done (hopefully).

Now time for a shower as I’m covered in sweat as it’s about 34 degrees in here at the moment. Then I’ll screw the covers back on the lock shields. It’ll be interesting to see how much noise it generates now as there is an unrestricted flow on both the dining room (which has no TRV) and the lounge, so the pump shouldn’t be able to suck in any air through the vent. We will see.

May be I’m going about this the wrong way

So woke up at 5AM (well the alarm was set for that), looked out the window, light snow, nothing major. So reset the alarm for 6:30AM. Got up at 20 past. Took the dog to day care, roads were fine. Went back to bed.

So today was working on a mobile project, was a bit stop start as I had a few problems getting my head round what needed to be done. Plus the office wanted me to sort their phone system out, which is a little tricky when you’re a hundred miles away. Anyway, phone system sorted, one mobile problem sorted, so went out for a run.

Came back to find the cleaners waiting outside, which was odd as it was an hour before they were expected. Anyway, they got on with it, I leant them my Dyson, as it was a damn site better at dog hair than their Henry.

Picked up dog. Came back and finally got into some decent work. Worked on into the evening.

Balancing radiators is proving somewhat impossible. I think it’s because who ever installed the heating hasn’t actually fitted the radiators in a loop, I think there are actually three separate loops. So what I think I’ll do is open up all the valves again and then measure all the flow temperatures, those rads that are at a higher temperature I’ll close down the lock shields a bit, then hopefully that will even out the heat distribution across the rads. It’ll kill a few hours anyway.

And then it snowed some more

So finished off what I was doing, checked it all in. Now back to mobile. An interesting task ahead, not that I managed to get a great deal of it done today, hopefully get a bit more stuck into it tomorrow. At the moment just getting rather pissed off with the weather. Did manage to go out for a run lunchtime without slipping over.

Jamie took the dog out this evening, she did a bit of a runner and pulled him over, so walk over in five minutes, plus she’s going to be a bit screwed tomorrow as well as it’s still snowing now, so I don’t really fancy taking her to day car at 6:30 in the morning at minus 4.

In other news, I played with the heating. Again the lock shields are almost closed, but I’ve turned down the pump and the boiler appears to be modulating correctly. I’ve done four radiators and bled everything again. I had it cranked up full earlier, it was like a sauna in here but I did get superb flow and return temperatures at the boiler, so I know I’m actually getting somewhere this time.

Just watched ‘Up’, really enjoyed it actually, that old man reminds me of me.

Oh talking of being bitter and twisted, I’ve decided what I’m doing for my 50th. Putting a few people in prison. Something to look forward to anyway.