LPC check complete

Started this morning with Jamie making me breakfast. Took Sasha out for a spin and then drove to Staverton. Took Lisa, Andy and Jamie out in the R44. Flight was fine, pick up and set down was crap. Then went out and did my LPC (license proficiency check) in the R22, all good, passed, good for another year. Now making a very hot curry. A good day.

Pumpkin carving

Jamie got his way, a deposit was made. We then got up and went to Tesco’s. I bought fishcakes, which are now in the oven. Had a quick lunch and then headed into ton solo. It’s still double candy, so made the most of it just walking around. Picked up a couple of pumpkin carving kits. Came home, made a coffee and made a start. I think I had mine finished (Pokeball) in about an hour and a half. Had a shower. Jamie is still doing his now. I was quite pleased with my first ever effort (I blame my mother). Lots of flying to do tomorrow.

“You can make an advanced deposit”

So work was fun again. Basically spent the whole day tracing an orientation quaternion. Found it at eleven o’clock at night. Walked Sasha, weather was okay. Went for a run. Worked lots. Jamie said we should have sex, I said not to be silly it wasn’t even November yet. He said I should make an advanced deposit, which is one way of putting it. At least I didn’t say that I’d like to make an early withdrawal. Would be nice if he went a day without coughing and wheezing, it’s a tad off-putting.

Apple Watch time (pun intended)

Work was very complex, but enjoyable. All to do with motion vectors, and at the end of the day I had made good progress. Walked Sasha, weather was fine I guess. Decided to get back to Wednesday Pump classes, so started this evening. Very busy. On the way home there was a Dragonite about but I couldn’t find it. Levelled up a gym back to ten and dropped in. Did yet more yet. Finally sat down and checked out the Vitality site and the watches are now available. Ordered mine. So it should just cost ninety-nine quid rather than four hundred.

Pokemon back again

I had fun with work today. Been working on something really interesting that required a hell of a lot of thought. Talked to the boss, he was privileged to speak to me..that’s a long story. Walked Sasha, got the phone out again, 90Km to go. Went out for a run this evening and then did some more work. Did a route plan for Atilla’s flight. Got my kneeboard for my iPad, really pleased with it. Will take it for a spin on Sunday.

Pokemon gone

Work started off tedious but as it went on it got a lot more interesting. Spoke to James about manifold pressure infringements, he told me I was over thinking it. So booked the R44 again next weekend. Today was miserable rainy weather. I left the phone at home. Walked Sasha and not one Pokemon was caught. Walked to the gym this evening, same circumstances. Picked up my new iPad mini. Got my Sky Demon subscription sorted. Looking forward to trying it out.

The final 100Km

So yesterday I started as I like to start weekends, coffee and the paper. Finally got up and walked Sasha. Then I dived off to Tesco and had a look at the iPad Mini and finally to Tesco’s to look at a couple of TV’s. Got back and Mark soon arrived. We shot the breeze and I ate salad. Shaun and Connor turned up and we headed to Staverton. I did all the paper work and we headed down to G-JKAY. Startup was fine, but the pickup was fairly awful, by God was that aircraft heavy, it felt very out of balance. I got it into the hover though and taxied to x-ray. I had to drop down to an in-ground hover as I was over the power limit. We got clearance and I chucked it out of heli-north. Now thankfully we were well within limits and it was handling fine. I flew down to Tewkesbury and then around the back of it back to the airport. Good landing to the hover and taxied back to the fuel bay. I think if I managed that on near enough the absolute limits I could manage anything. Went to pub that evening, drank much beer.

Sunday I decided to catch up on my sleep, so didn’t get up too early. Walked Sasha and then descended into town. I’ve got less than 100Km to walk now to reach my 1000Km goal on Pokemon Go. Did a home check for a dog. Came home and had an existential crises about exceeding power limits. Text Ben. Ben replies I was fine. Text Ben back. Ben phones. Crises averted. Had bath. Making food. Good weekend.

I learned a lot about myself this weekend. When faced with the possibility of ‘the end’, it was well within my limits to control it and get on top of it. When the calculations were done again, we were actually just inside the limits, but just close enough to the edge for it to become ‘challenging’. Next time I take that aircraft up, it will only contain Japanese school girls who are bulimic.

So I was almost mown down twice today

Work was hyper dull, but at least the task I’d spent the last seventy odd hours on is finished now. Walked Sasha. Now at the traffic lights on the A38, pushed the button, the green man lit up, I walked across two lanes of traffic which had correctly stopped. Now I’m always wary of wankers…..about to cross lane three and an estate car ploughs clean through the red light at 40MPH. Misses Sasha (who was on a very short lead as I don’t trust anyone) by about a foot. The sound of car horns was obscene, everyone saw this guy charging up the inside lane and knew he wasn’t going to stop. If I hadn’t had the dog with me I would have chased after him at the roundabout lights and beat the living shit out of him, mainly for my own amusement. Walked to the gym, did Pump, walked home, crossing the main road by the little Tesco up here. Zebra crossing. Started to walk across, a woman then decided that she wasn’t going to stop and went so far to the left that she actually mounted the kerb to get round me. I’m sure drivers are getting worse. I’d much rather fly that drive, at least to get a pilots license you need some common sense and a bit of skill, it seems anyone with forty quid can get a driving license these days, although I suspect that there is a good percentage of people who drive and don’t even have that.

And I hatched yet another Snorlax

Basically I worked a lot today. Wore up and worked. Walked Sasha, came back home and worked. Went for a run and then worked. I’m now sat down, currently on HipChat and technically still working. I’ll probably fall asleep and dream about work. Tomorrow I have more work. But at least I hatched yet another Snorlax.