Why do all helicopter pilots appear to be either 60 or 12?

Today work wise was fairly dull, lots of changing thread priorities and analysing profiles. It’s all looking quite tight though which is good.

Had a sandwich and then vanished off to Staverton late afternoon. No traffic problems so got there a bit before my time slot. There were the usual assortment of old pilot type people, didn’t really chat to anyone to start off with. James was there, so we put the wheels on G-OJAN and did all the checks. Opened the hanger door and dragged her out. James booked out, I went through the check list and fired her up. Did the checks, then I took her off into the hover. As it was only us operating at the airport we had clearance straight-away, so I took off to the north. It was a magnificent sight, we flew around in a big circle over Gloucester and Cheltenham. It’s really nice seeing it all lit-up. It’s quite eerie over pitch black bits, you have no idea where the ground is, it’s disorientating. We got to the east of Gloucester and got a direct landing path to the west runway R27. This is unusual as it’s normally occupied by aircraft. But I got to do a glideslope landing on the main run-way and flew right over GCHQ. I then taxied back and parked it badly back at Heliflight. Was a good flight. I then went back and had a couple of burgers and chatted to some people. I ended up having a long chat with a grandma, who brought her 17 year old grandson in for the night flight, he already has his PPL(H) but is still learning to drive a car. She was a lovely lady ‘Irene’. Also while I was there, this blond bean-pole boy of about 18 (yes I would) turned up with his parents and block booked ten lessons, good to see he had a spare four grand. Anyway, fun evening.

Came back and did some more work. Bath time.

It’s so cold even the dogs have decided that malting is not a good idea

Today started late. Working mainly on physics stuff, that is profiling it and doing some optimisations. Made a nice change from render stuff, which no doubt I’ll be back on tomorrow.

Walked the dogs, well walked Sasha, Dillon refused to even have his coat on.

Went to spin, gave it all. Did more work. Installed R22 SP1 on the iMac, will give that a good blast tomorrow. I have a night flight tomorrow which I’m looking forward to. It will be cold. Talking of cold, it’s bloody freezing. I’ve turned the heating down as gas is far too expensive. Paint sample arrived, it’s kind of a dark chocolate, put it on the skirting board, looks fine, so I’ll get a pot made up.

It’s interesting that mother requires a TV aerial which will cost about £100, which she doesn’t have. Yet, she’s still managed to order a rather ugly dress she doesn’t need from QVC for half that amount. This is why I won’t do anything about it.

Christmas is coming, which I haven’t really thought about. New year is coming which I haven’t really thought about. All the kennels are booked up anyway, so doubt we will be going anywhere.

If you fly into a wardrobe, your rotors will fall off

Woke up at 6:20AM. Took Sasha to daycare. Dillon howled. Went back to bed.

Still working on multi-threading rendering type stuff. Almost coming to an end on it now, will start looking at another aspect next week I expect.

Picked up Sasha. Went to Pump, it was very busy. Did more work.

Transferred white to a new bucket. Will order up another couple of white kits tomorrow I think. Flew the msrx, managed to get it hovering fairly well, then whacked it into a wardrobe and the rotors fell off.

Oh the arcade cabinet is finished, it looks awesome.

YOLO, but I wish to repeat sixteen to twenty-six

Spent the bulk of the day debugging threaded rendering, which really is quite dull, but quite intense.

Went to the gym and did spin, it was with Kate rather than Paul, so no bad American accent. Game back, did more work, finally found the bug I was looking for. Watched the live stream of Danisnotonfire. I need to stalk more.

Jamie is playing xbone with his little friend (Game of Thrones). I’m finding someone with a ‘God’ complex quite amusing, I put it down to insecurity.

You know, people look back and say, “Oh, I wouldn’t change a thing”. Gash to that, there’s a fucking lot I’d change between about sixteen and twenty-six. There’s still some people I need to hunt down and destroy.

My skirting boards look like they are covered in poo

This morning started with another weird dream, I’m sure it had something to do with Tesco’s but thankfully can’t remember it much.

Bit of a strange day for reasons I won’t go into yet, but it may involve sacrificing some chickens. Work was mainly threading, renderer type stuff. All going to plan, if a little dull at the moment.

Went to combat, that was fun. Did more work. Got back into Twitter so I can stalk people. Think I’ll have a quick glass of wine to settle my head then have an early night and do some reading. Can’t really get into the GP qualifier.

Oh yes, the skirting boards, staining them maple didn’t really work, looks like the dogs have run their asses down them. Ordered a tester pot of a dark brown, will just go for paint instead. Get the bloody thing finished after about two years.

“I’m sure the boiler is tapped off before then”

So yesterday started with breakfast for three, well me and two dogs. Cruised a little porn, read the paper etc. Then got up and flew some heli’s around the kitchen, great fun. Had a text from Captain James asking if I could turn up earlier. So I walked the dogs, wolfed down a sausage roll and then drove to Staverton.

I went through the check-list while James booked out. He jumped in and I fired her up. In Charlie Delta this week. The airport was really really busy, everyone was taking advantage of the good conditions. We had to take off to the Southwest for once, normally we had to the North. This was pretty cool as for the first time I did a circuit over buildings, I flew right over Cheltenham racecourse and over Tweksbury Cathedral. Did a complete circuit including some climbs and descents also did an auto-rotation. Then returned to the airfield for some hovering. Much better this time, did some take offs and landings. Even parked it back at heli-flight, good enjoyable lesson. Hopefully night flight will go ahead as planned next Friday.

Came back and then had a bit of a model evening. Repaired my CX3. Also added the gyro to the CX2, that’s still crap. Had a good couple of hours fun anyway. Did the accounts. We then went to the Italian and had a nice meal. Came back and played on the XBone. Went to bed.

Woke up far too early this morning. A bit dehydrated. Had a bit of a lazy morning, made the mistake of going back to sleep. So I had a dream. I was changing a fireplace for a radiator. I was there trying to work the bloody thing out. My dad was there, my mother, Tom, other people, lots of dust sheets. The conversation got on to weather the gas was tapped off before the fire for the boiler. So various test were done, and it wasn’t which meant that I had to block it after the boiler tap. Plus the fire didn’t have a return supply for the water. Okay, I could have had a really horny dream banging the Harries Twins, but oh know, I have to dream about radiator installations.

I got up after failing to turn Jamie on. Mind you he does remind me somewhat of a Turkey, fattening himself up for Christmas. Put the third coat on the walls, all good. Had lunch. Second coat on the door frame. Then got on to paint the coving and the arch. Looking good. Long day though, didn’t finish until gone nine. Had a bath, drank far too much wine. Jamie is still pissing about so can’t even get the dinner on yet. Fun week of work ahead, but should be a cool flight at the end of the week. The dining room is progressing, another few weeks should finish it. That’s about two years.

Okay, I’m beginning to get the hang of these model heli’s

This morning started off with a couple of deliveries. A Blade MSRX and a Blade CX2. The MSRX is a micro fly-bar less single rotor heli. It’s an awesome little beast. It was a bugger to control until I got it fairly well dialled on the Dx6i. I can now hover it fairly well. It really is fun to fly and a step up from the co-axials. Talking of which the CX2 has all the extreme upgrades and all the metal upgrades. This means it weighs a ton and lumbers into the air like a tree. It is however fairly stable. The gyro’s off a bit as it rotates. Again, need to set this up and bind it to the Dx6i. Will see then if it has the same gyro problem as the other one. I do have a new head-lock gyro to fit the that one.

Work was lots of profiling. Very dull, but needs to be done at this stage.

Went to Pump. That completes four weeks of every weekday at the gym. I’m still pretty much the same weight, but I’m getting a lot of definition back. I’ve lost a hell of a lot of fat off my legs and the top half is more defined. The middle bit is still somewhat lard like.

Anyway, bath time after I empty the dish washer. Flying the R22 tomorrow. See how my hovering is.

I may have a couple of curtain solutions

Today started without sex. Spent most of it analysing render thread interactions.

Went to Spin. Crashed the CX3, which is annoying. Ordered parts for CX3. Flew mcx2 lots, I like that one.

Alison has offered to take curtains up, but distance and time is a bit of an issue. However I have a case of red I’ve brewed….will this be a replacement for my soul?

I need some curtains altered but I don’t want to sell my soul

Started off this morning with sex, well not full on, but a bit of fapping. Jamie then went to work, I thought it was his day off. Actually this morning started rather strangely. I got up at 6:15 and took Dillon to daycare. I then went back to bed. I had a dream….Jamie and I had an argument about him being fat, I then ended up smashing a house up, which was shaped like a goldfish bowl. I then broke the cooker. I must lay off the cheese.

Work wise was all about threading and optimisation. Basically on a console processing five render threads at once works fine, on PC due to DX locking everything everywhere it’s actually slower. Still, console is my problem, DX isn’t. I’ll carry on doing what I’m doing.

Walked Sasha. Picked up Dillon. Went to Pump. Bottle the rest of the red, yielded twenty-nine bottles, not bad at all.

Now, the curtains I have are 90 inches long, they need to be 87 inches long. This requires someone with better seamstress skills than me. Now you will ask, “Why don’t you just ask your mother?”. Well, it’s because I will then be indebted to her forever. Okay, it may have been traumatic for her to give birth to me, but it’s been traumatic for me ever since. She only took me the cinema seven times as a kid and all our holidays were shit. She would do the curtains for me, she’d talk about it a lot, then phone me at least five times on the subject. Then the demands would start….I need a TV aerial cable running under the floor from my bedroom to the kitchen, I want my ceilings painting, I have a leak on my roof, my tyres keep going down, my shower is leaking, my virus killer needs updating, I don’t know how to sell stuff on eBay, my knees hurt, I’ve got a bunion, look at my swollen ankle, I’ve got £15 in my bank account and an overdraft bigger than the US debt ceiling. Well if you stopped buying Dennis Basso coats and Kim & Co shit that you never wear you may be able to afford to eat. “But I need the telly to work in the kitchen, that’s where I sit and eat and I need to watch QVC or I might miss some complete tat.” “Any chance you can wire up a TV in the loo, so if I’m taking a dump I won’t miss the Christmas special.” She hasn’t worked out yet that she can stream the lot on her laptop anyway. I don’t know why one person really requires no less than four TV’s, multiple freeview boxes and cable. I bet it’s so she can have QVC on one, Bid Up on another, plus two spares for any other junk. “The only thing I have to look forward to is boxes arriving”, Oh there’s one box I am waiting to arrive dear.

I’ll find someone else to alter the curtains.

It’s rude not to sample your own produce

So today was Tuesday, I actually woke up early but decided to stay in bed. Work wise today was actually quite interesting, all about parallel processing. I managed to get some good performance gains, it’s early days yet, much more to do.

Went to the gym and did spin, with Mr American Paul. Came back and added a lock free buffer. Fun stuff.

Then it was into bottle sterilising. Prepared twenty one bottles and after several rounds of washing filled them all. Reckon I can do about another half a dozen. I tried a glass of it, it’s quite drinkable.