So mothers got her compensation, roll-on the QVC orders

Got a text from mother to say she was about to receive a considerable amount of compensation for her injury. So she may pay me back for the shower, then fail to pay off her credit cards and buy a complete load of ‘tat’ to ‘treat herself’. Still, I guess food will become a luxury again.

It was fucking cold. Walked Sasha. I only have two Pokes in gyms now, so as soon as they are gone I’m done now for the winter I expect. It’s glove weather not twatting with mobile phone weather. Walked to the gym, cold, did Pump, walked home, cold. Now have to pick up Jamie from the station, cold, at almost 1AM.

Its nice to have a good nights sleep once a month

Slept beautifully. A good combination of drugs. No weird dreams, woke up for a pee at about 4AM and that was about it. Work was fine, I have a task to do, I got on with it. Walked Sasha, again it was nice bright weather, but fucking freezing. This evening I walked to the other end of town and did a home check for a dog. It was so cold my nipples could be used to cut glass. Watched a bit of telly. A couple of flights this week, taking the in-laws up in the R44 and I have a night flight in the R22 which will be cool.

Why do I want to go and photograph empty tables?

So started at the last day of school, which of course I wasn’t actually at. There was some sort of leaving party. But I forgot to take pictures. Did go back in the evening though as it was all still going on. I just wanted to get a few photos of empty tables just filled with crap on them (I know that sentence is a paradox). Then I woke up. Bit of a rough night actually, brain all over the place.

Spent the day doing PC GPU analysis, bit different I suppose. It’s been bright out but fucking cold. Walked to Combat, walked home. Already finished work, so ate fairly early for me. Played around with single chip PC thing and now having popped many pills I’m having an early night. I look forward to tonights dream, if I’ve over mixed Zopiclone and 5-HTP with my packet of crisps it may be the last one I ever have.

According to my mothers lounge Jamie and I don’t exist

Had a bit of a restless night last night, and chipped a nail. Anyway, started this morning with a laptop catchup and coffee so no harm done. Walked Sasha. Then headed out for a home check. This guy was a military helicopter pilot, the conversation soon turned off cats. Came back and had a light lunch. Drove and parked up by town. Walked into town, had a wander round.

Yesterday after visiting mother Jamie pointed out an odd thing that I’d never really noticed. We’d been sitting in mothers lounge. He said that you would have thought that she only had one child. The only pictures that exist of me in there are the ones where I’m a fat fuck with my chins almost on the ground at my sisters wedding. You need to venture to the unused dining room to find a picture of me, and nowhere does a picture of Jamie exist. This has given me a marvellous idea for a Christmas present….

So we went to a divorce party

Started this morning with the usual round of coffee and papers. Gave Sasha a nice walk and then we headed out. A bit of an odd one this, going to a party to celebrate a divorce. But what makes it more odd is it the divorce of the mother of my dead ex-girlfriend. It was nice to see everyone again, Karen, Hollie, Joe, Lisa etc. But there was one big elephant in the room which we were all avoiding. The last time we were all in that house together was for Nat’s funeral. Still, time moves on. Came back and popped into mother, sorted out her router, she is now on the internet again. Jamie pointed out a fun odd thing… her lounge she has pictures of everyone, my sisters wedding etc. but not in one place does she have a picture of Jamie and I. So I’m going to get her a nice big picture of the two of us for Christmas. Went to Cribb’s. Had a bath and drank wine. Blah, fun day I guess.

Seventeen years and only three pairs of shoes

Started this morning fine, it was all analysis stuff again. Went to walk the dog lunchtime and remembered her lead was in Jamie’s orifice. Walked in there and almost retched, there was still a half eaton kebab from Monday in there, together with half of my plates. Picked up lead and walked out, quickly. Walked Sasha, caught another Ditto. Walked to the gym, did Pump, walked home. I’ve been a member there for about seventeen years now and in all that time I’m only on my third pair of shoes.

It’s wine time again

So the wine kits arrived yesterday. I did actually sterilise everything and start the first one off, but it was only this evening that the liquid was up to temperature so I’ve added the yeast. Now the brewing really starts. I’ll do the kits a week apart, that will give time for each to clear before I have to shift all the barrels round. Spent all day doing GPU analysis, started writing it up but I’ll leave the bulk of it and the upsets until tomorrow. Went for a run, caught a Ditto. Listened to mother bang on about how her new router didn’t come with a man to fit it and how she is completely unable to follow a manual that even Dillon could understand and be connected to the internet in minutes.

What have I done to upset Dillon?

Work today was hard. A lot of analysing some very heavy data sets. It was eight hours of seriously heavy going. In the end I think I’ve made a bit of a mistake though. Need time to think on it. But that time finished at 5:30PM. Walked to the gym, did Pump, walked home. My wine kits arrived. So started one this evening. It’s just warming up so haven’t added the yeast yet. Been going through Amazon and sending random Christmas present links to Jamie. Taking of which, I now have a certain box available….God knows whats happened to Dillon, he’s usually on the couch, but oh no, bum boy had a kabab, so he’s fucked off and gone to sleep upstairs.

Arduino fun

Started on time. Work was dull, lots of profiling and spreadsheet work. Walked Sasha bang on time. Finished bang on time also. Went for a run. Showered and it was still before 8PM. Now Amazon have been running black Friday for what seems like a month, I managed to pick up an Arduino kit for under half price on a lightening deal. It’s a Chinese copy, but the kit came packed with electronic parts as well as the micro controller itself. So spent a good hour or so just playing around with that. Managed to get an LED glowing using pulse-width-modulation. Simple things please simple people.

The Apple Watch will take a bit of getting used to

Started on time. What a bloody awfully weather wise, I mean it pissed down constantly from morning until the evening. Didn’t take Sasha out until 3PM and it still continued to piss down. When gym time came around it was a light drizzle. To be honest I got away pretty lightly. Did Combat and it was dry walking home. The Apple Watch tracks differently to the FitBit, it separates out the ‘active’ calories from the base rate, so the calculation looks different but the values come out almost the same. Will take a little while to get used to it.