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I’m 40. I’m a non raving homosexual, in other words I still do butch things like kart racing and digging and don’t worry about damaging my nails. I go to the gym but I’m not a gym bunny, too bloody old for that. I’m a computer games programmer which means I can be quite dull, introvert and depressive (lots of pills). I’m generally a nice guy until someone pisses me off, which happens about three times a day.

I’m in a civil partnership with Jamie, we did the deed on April 13th 2012, it was fun, we should do it more often. He’s a big fan of Sonic the Hedgehog, I’m apparently a fan of documentaries about bricks.

UPDATE 08/10/19:

I’m 47. I’m still a non raving homosexual. I no longer do kart racing as I’m far too old and fragile. I do however now have a helicopter pilots license, even if I haven’t flown for two years. I still go to the gym, although perhaps not as often as I did. I now do a lot of walking instead. I’m also still a computer games programmer, still dull, introvert and depressive. I’m still nice. I now drink far too much and spend most of my spare time either making music or cruising Grindr.

I’m no longer in a civil partnership, my husband came home one day and announced he wasn’t content and had spoken to God. I’m sure over time you will be hearing a lot more about that.

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  1. Would you believe I found your blog looking for the calorie count of duck pate?? My 10 year old is a budding computer geek. I can see him writing programs and coding in a few years. 😉

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