A quiz is a quiz

So normally on a Thursday night I used to run the pub quiz. But since Christmas I haven’t really been up to it, then I got another contract in etc. So I’ve been doing ‘Jays Virtual Quiz’, the one we all did during covid. It’s still a quiz, but I don’t drink seven pints.

Update on the sleeping thing. Listened to a podcast earlier that was doing a review of activity tracker watches. It concluded that the sleep tracking isn’t that accurate. Oh well, if I’m awake I’m awake and boy I was awake all of last night. Still one more night to go and then back on th booze for the weekend. Just try not to binge.

Where there’s a will there’s probably a way

So I’ve been trying to update my will. Should be straightforward. It isn’t. First off I refuse to pay for it. If I’m going to make a large donation to a charity then they can pay for it, call it ‘pay it forward’ if you like. So I’ve been trying through Battersea Dogs Home, so far they have put me in touch with a company that called me back eventually and told me to ignore all the website warnings and use the online form. I did this to the point where the form was not able to apply my wishes. Send an email, get an email back asking what additional ‘features’ I require, replied. Got an email back stating how much it would cost. Emailed back and said ‘Battersea will cover the cost of a phone will’. Got an email back saying ‘oh yes they will’, please book an appointment on this link…. it was the same link I started with. Joy.

Wicked little letters

With Sky cinema I get two free tickets a month, so try and go and see something. Sometimes not so great, but other times fantastic. Tonight’s offering was ‘Wicked little letters’, a story based probably about late 1940’s. About poison pen letters. I won’t give the plot away as it’s well worth seeing. Olivia Colman was outstanding and the swearing was out of this world. And as they say….it’s a night out.

To sleep or not to sleep, that was the question

So I was convinced that when I did not drink, I could not sleep. Awake all night, watching the clock. Then I bought a new Apple watch. Was going to trade the old one in, but decided to keep it as the battery was good enough to last over night and measure my sleep patterns.

A couple of weeks have passed, so I have quite a bit of nightly data. I was expecting to see on the nights I hadn’t drank anything quite a lot of ‘awake’ time, very little ‘deep’ sleep and not much of anything else either. Now here is the strange thing, there is virtually no difference. Takes about the same time to fall asleep (20-25 minutes), same number of deep sleep periods and awake times. So there we have it, it’s all in my head. I think the only difference is I’m conscious of the awake time when I’m coherent and not when I’ve been drinking.

Now I know this knowledge, I have no real issues getting to sleep. As long as I’m relaxed and have a clear head, all is good. I found reading for an hour before lights out is a good way to unwind. I did try some of the ‘sounds’ and meditation stuff, but that just kept me awake.

So at the moment I’m trying to be ‘good’ and not drink on ‘school’ nights. Lets see how long it lasts.

The blog is back, be warned

So no new posts for over a year? Okay, lazy shit, or maybe just busy on other things. So here we go on a new iPad (well refurbished). Keyboard hasn’t arrived yet so using the touchscreen for now. A lot has happened over recent years and no doubt I’ll waffle. But good to be back.