It was like being on holiday again

Why, because of the fine weather and fit boys? No, because we didn’t get up until after lunch time. Anyway, got up in the end, walked the dog. Came back and did the poo run and collected the fallen apples. Had lunch, two boiled eggs. Then cut up part of a bush that’s been sitting out side for too long and stuck it in the green bin together with some excess soil from the hedge removal. Folded up the old mattress and stuck it in the garage ready to be taken to the tip on Friday. Then spent two hour hoovering. Kept asking Jamie to change the bed, he ignored me. I changed the bed. Edited a few more honeymoon photos. Now feeling quite tired, so bath and wine time me thinks.

There’s going to be a phal smell in here

So, busy day. Started off going to Tesco’s meeting up with Sarah as she wanted a couple of laptops for the boys for Christmas. They only had one in Bradley Stoke so had to tootle off down to grotty Eastvile and get the other one. Then did the shopping, pretty uneventful, I bought some printer paper, see, uneventful.

Came home, put the shopping away and had toast. Then made arrangements to go and do a couple of home checks, one in Southmead the other in Henleaze. So went and did those two, then parked up in Cotham and walked into town, just in time for the shops to close, although HMV was still open, I don’t think I’ve ever seen it closed. Picked up some new torture porn.

Went and visited mother, she’s losing her memory, but could still remeber the words to ‘Lord is my shepard’, I did remind her that she didn’t really need to know the words for the occasion it would be used at. She made fruit cake, I approve, she makes nice fruit cake.

Jamie is out fapping with blue people. So I did the accounts, about to have a shower and then will cook my tea. Which tonight consists of chicken, in a Phal curry sauce, with onion, peppers and extra chilli’s. It will be interesting and possibly quite terrifying. Tomorrow may very will be a painful day.

Ended up watching quite an unusual film tonight, check out my review “Closed circuit extreme”

Had a bit of a bad head this morning, I blame the cheese rolls

Started off on this damn iOS6 iPhone5 crash again after I helped out with a PS3 render crash. Didn’t get any further on iPhone5 even after loading debug symbols it still all looked bollocks. Spent the bulk of the rest of the day helping out the render team (both of them, actually they’ve just added a third but I haven’t spoken to him yet). Finally got to do some of my own work about eight thirty this evening.

So did work, went to gym and did body pump, I was supposed to do some running afterwards, but quite frankly I just couldn’t be arsed. It’s my big old fattening pizza tonight so I should have done the extra, but my legs hurt, my shoulder hurts and I’m feeling quite tired, so looking forward to a bath, phoning my mother (not really looking forward to that bit) eating pizza and falling asleep in front of the TV.

Need to get up fairly early tomorrow (well early tomorrow) as Sarah wants to pick up a couple of bits in Tesco with me. I’ve also two home checks to fit in somewhere, plus I want to get some gardening in this weekend and loads of other stuff.

Last nights film was good, my opinions here “The last house on the left”

So anyway, bath time, and yes, I’ve already poured the wine.

Well at least it’s stopped raining

Oddly last night I went to fill in my paper diary. I guess I will archive it at the end of the year as usual, move the last year into an envelope never to be read again.

So today worked a bit on iOS again, still seem to have an odd crashing problem on iPhone5, which is fine other than I don’t have an iPhone5 so just have to keep guessing, but looks like some sort of logging thing causing a string to malloc badly. Anyway, I’ll work through it, no immediate hurry it seems. Then it was back onto the audio lib, where I did manage to implement what I wanted, so got that out the way. Only a few bits to do now and it’s completely finished.

Here’s one slightly odd thing, since I’ve been keeping this blog either my spelling has improved or my vocabulary has dropped to about fifty words that I know how to spell. It used to be no end of red underlined words, at the moment the going is pretty good, the only thing under lined is ‘iPhone5’ and ‘malloc’, now those are added to the dictionary not a red line in sight.

Took dog for a walk. Went to gym, admired where bus had hit the bridge right outside the turning for the gym.

Bus hits Gypsy Patch Lane railway bridge

Ran. Enjoyed pikeys unable to start their tar-mac van in car park. Came home. About to play with dog, then eat Salad. It’s torture porn night tonight, so glass of wine and a bad film.

Any more rain and I’ll need an Ark

Can’t really rant about anything today. It rained a lot, that was about it. Everything else was dull, but went pretty much according to plan. Did some audio lib work, after a lot of careful thinking I decided to keep software audio mixing app side as it’s just so flexible you could end up with a ton of code that doesn’t do want you want, so just added hooks so you could do you’re own streaming to a buffer. I want to add some more complex samples to it, but for the moment it work’s just fine. Also I think I’ll use the same system for close linking as it’s just to awkward any other way.

Then came across a fun issue with crashing on iPhone’s running iOS6. There appears to be a bug in the new OS, if your app is locked to landscape mode and an on screen pop-up requires portrait it just crashes. Thankfully Apple have produce a workaround, so that should be the end of that.

Installed VMWare again, and installed a copy of XP Professional. It’s a genuine bought disc which ran on a machine which died many moons ago, but it wouldn’t go through the ‘Windows Genuine Advantage’ thing, found a useful tool called ‘muBlinder’ that appears to work fine. I don’t mind Microsoft adding these checks, but when you do have a genuine original disc, it does piss me off a bit. It’s now busy installing about 4 million service packs, before I can do what I want with it anyway.

One bit of amusement in the gym, heard the faint Pikey accent, thought no, I won’t drop to stereotypes, until one of them then said “I’ve got a great job on on Sunday, 100M of tarmac”, a grin appeared across my face as I put my back in a locker.

So, gym done, not so long tonight, will do a longer one tomorrow night, now a few more service packs and salad and bed. And no, I still haven’t finished the Singapore GP.

Did watch a pretty good film in bed though, you can read my thoughts on my other blog “The Torture Porn Movie Blog”

Darwin had the right idea

Today I started doing battle with iOS and XCode again, thankfully my colleague knew what the problem was so managed to produce test flight builds again, although I can’t add any new devices without cocking the whole key chain thing up, so I’ll avoid that if possible.

Then it was on to some PS3 work, well an SDK update, which basically means lots of downloading, building installers and hanging around for compiles, it’s a pretty brain dead activity, but I was having a pretty brain dead kind of day.

Met ugly fat bitch with abusive husband again while out walking dog (this time without husband, as he was probably back inside due to his asbo). By god she’s got a gob like a fog horn, this time her dog was off attacking someone else’s while her teenage daughter was stood in the middle of the path blocking it’s entirety with her hips while texting. There must be something to be said about removing these peoples benefits and then praying for a harsh winter, natural selection can then do it’s thing. Mind you there would then be certain parts of the country like ghost towns.

Cleaner hasn’t turned up in ages, I’m now up to me knees in dog hair. Jamie refuses to put anything into dishwasher or wash anything. He thinks if he just leaves stuff out it will magically be put away. It won’t. I can go all week with one cup, one knife and one t-shirt, so I’ll always win that battle.

Here’s my trip adviser review of the WOW Bodrum Resort

Went to gym, ran, unexciting. Played with dog. Now it’s time for salad and the Singapore GP (Yes, I’m still getting through it). Then I must carry on with that rather gruesome film I was watching in bed, and I don’t mean Jamie sleeping.

You don’t need a 4×4 you want a boat

The morning started off fairly dull. Made it to work on time, that’s only because the dog wasn’t here to be fed. Picked up a couple of emails but nothing urgent requiring my immediate attention. So spent the bulk of the morning working on iOS stuff. Apple are determined to make a fairly simple job, fairly traumatic.

Lunchtime, needed to do the shopping. First time I’ve shopped in Tesco at that time for years, never again. It was full of young mothers who wouldn’t move and old people who couldn’t fucking move. Sorry but why do you have to stare at a pile of noodles for so fucking long? Are you seeing the Virgin Mary in pasta? Pick them up, shove them in your trolly and fuck off out of my way.

So, unpacked the shopping, had lunch and got back to work. Later it was time to pick the dog up. Now, we’ve had a little bit of rain yesterday, going down the back route I was suddenly confronted by a field full of water and lots of drivers in 4×4’s looking smug. Then I saw white van man come corr-erring round the corner and aqua planing into the field. After I finished laughing I decided to turn round and find a different route. Still, several times I was up over the radiator in water. Finally got to the kennels, picked up dog, she appeared to have eaten through her harness which means they left her in it for too long when I dropped her off. They did bath her, but I think it’s time to find a new kennel, they are very expensive and a pain to get to.

Came back home, back to work. Went to gym. New Body Combat, this one’s pretty good. Came home, did work. iOS still continues to be an ass and won’t work properly on TestFlight. Had salad and I’m now back to the Singapore GP qualifying. Feeling quite tired so may head for an early night. Must eat a banana.

So one hour back, It’s raining and we are ignoring each other, normality resumes

Actully made it to breakfast this morning, it was a miserable sunny 28 degrees. I had cornflakes and some cheese, also coffee. Couldn’t really find anything else there that took my fancy. Anyway, that started the bowels moving.

Transfer arrived vaguely on time and was painless, so was check in really. To be honest considering it was an Easy Jet flight and we just couldn’t be arsed to queue so got on last it was, very, uneventful.

Decided not to pick up the dog until tomorrow as I need to do the shopping so won’t be able to take her out for a walk, plus it means we can have one final meal in peace.

Came back home, one credit card bill, one bank statement, one lot of business cards from Vista Print. Unpacked, put the washing machine on, did the accounts. I seem to spend a lot less when on holiday than when at home, I think this means I should go away more often.

Jamie is in his room, no fapping tonight but some skype call about mega sonic porn or something. I’m contemplating writing my trip advisor review, having a bath and phoning mother. Then drinking wine, probably while on the phone. It helps the conversation flow, not that I need to say anything. I’m sure she has a full list of things to tell me that I have no interest in followed by a whole host of jobs that need doing, followed by the fact she can’t afford her MOT.

We’re having an Indian tonight I think (as in meal, we arn’t doing any weird fetish, I’m not in the mood) probably with the Singapore GP.

Normal service resumes tomorrow.

Turkey – Time to say goodbye

Ok, so failed yet again to get up for breakfast, but did end up having a three hour cuddle, which was nice considering Jamie’s and my weird shift patterns this very rarely happens. Even if it does the dog gets jealous and wants to join in.

So we got up, found a sun bed then had lunch. Came back and I decided it being the last day to take part in one of the activities. So air rifle it was. I’ll never be accused of murdering anyone with a gun, although my first shot got the single highest score of anybody, my other two were only vaguely near the target. I’m sure my mother would say that I get a little bit of that from her as she used to be a hit-man you know.

So after my gun toting was over I decided that I didn’t really want to sit around the pool for the rest of the afternoon. They only play 80’s music and certainly not the best part of the decade at that. I was somewhat intrigued by these white column things on the other side of the bay, plus I needed to get a fridge magnet. I actually left the hotel.

To cut a long story short, Gumbet is awful. It’s wosrse than the Costa’s, makes Lanzerote look like Paris for sofistication. Anywhere which highlights its menu with being able to serve real HP brown sauce, you know you’re in a shit hole. Anyway managed to find a suitably tacky gift shop to get a fridge magnet, I was a bit spoilt for choice. But I was safe in the knowledge that if I ever did want a full English breakfast (with or without HP sauce), it was available for under two quid. You could come here with 100 Turkish lira, spend all day eating fried food, get pissed and watch the football without any fear that you’d ever left Bolton. You could even get a few more tattoos. Still, if you are 18, have no taste and are on a budget of a fiver, you will have a hell of a time.

So, walked the seven miles up the mountain and took some nice photos. The white towers turned out to be windmills. So I stood there, overlooking the Aegean thinking that actually it’s a nice view. Not a bad place after all, then thinking, just take a moment, as never in my life again am I going to be standing here taking in this view. Deep. I then walked the seven miles back and downed two bottles of lager.

Packed up most of the suitcase. Had a shower. Tonight it was back in the buffet restaurant. Better selection this evening. I had chicken something with something else, followed by cake. And now once again we are at the pool bar. Ayhan, is still here, our favourite barman, I’ll give him another tip before we leave. It’s karaoke over at the other bar, I just know it will be full of pissed Germans. And then we will call it a night, and call it another year in Turkey.