The end is in sight, I’m just not sure which end

Ran far too much last couple of days. I ached yesterday and still ached when I did another 12km tonight. Tomorrow I will not be running, I’ll be doing Pump instead. That’s after I’ve walked the dog, walked to the gym etc. My weight has gone up slightly, but my body fat has dropped. So turning into a muscle Mary. Well, a week to go. Will be nice to get away. I need to spend some time alone with myself to make a few decisions. (And before anyone jumps to conclusions there’s nothing wrong with Jamie and I, even if we are going on separate holidays!)

Well I got the case down from the loft

Last couple of weeks have been a bit mad. Spent far too long in meetings and conferences. Last one finished today. Thankfully it finished just after lunch so manager to get an early train back. Walked halfway across London first (in the rain). Then walked back from the station. Did work, lots to catch up on. Then did a ten mile run, lots of over eaton food to un-catchup on.

Six working days left and I have about fifty days of work to fill them with. I’s going to be a busy week. By the time I get to take this holiday I’ll either be asleep or dead.

I finally rebooted…..

I finally got tired of this laptop locking up when loading web pages. Looked at it’s stats, was last rebooted twenty months a go. I let it do it’s updates for about half hour an restarted. I have no idea what version of Mac Os this is on, probably well old. Also updated Final Cut Pro. Everything is working again now, roll on another twenty months.

Finally gave up trying to email the Hard Rock Hotel, phoned them instead and sorted out what I wanted. Then two hours later received an email response after five days, typical. I still need to research restaurants.