So I finally updated my SSL certificates

Just a note for myself here as I won’t remember it otherwise. Copy domain.crt and gd_bundle.crt to etc/ssl/certs. But for postfix concat domain.crt and gd_bundle.crt to server.pem, that seems to fix postfix. Apache and courier don’t seem to require anything extra to work. Verify with TLS Receiver.

I’m sure the above makes a great deal of sense to you. Had a fairly mundane day apart from that. About to have a shower and eat salad.

2 thoughts on “So I finally updated my SSL certificates

  1. Oh and one more thing….

    For courier:

    cat domain.key domain.crt > courier.pem
    cp courier.pem /etc/courier/courier.pem

    Also not sure the server.pem is actually required, test again in a couple of years!

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