I’m getting the hang of this ‘passengers’ thing

Started this morning fairly early, I think it was due to going to bed at a reasonable hour. Coffee, paper, porn, usuals. Then route marched Sasha for a couple of hours, picked up some more Pokemon. Had a quick bite and then picked up my dear friend Laverne. She’s one of my oldest and closest friends, we have known each other for about fifteen years and there is very little we don’t know about each other. To say she was nervous was an understatement, we drove up to Staverton and she did what she does well, talk a lot. We got to Staverton and the Red Barron was already out doing circuits. I checked in with Ben and we did the paperwork. We were soon on the tarmac and getting Laverne into the ‘copter. GoPro was setup and off we went. She was absolutely silent for probably about twenty minutes. I told her that she had to keep breathing. By the time we got over to Wales she was fine and chatting away again and enjoying the view. We flew down to the old Severn bridge and then dipped down into the Wye valley back to Gloucester. She really enjoyed it. Had a quick beer with Ben afterwards and drover her back. Went in search of a few more Pokemon. Had a bath. I enjoyed this weekend, very relaxing.

If the police were out looking for terrorists today, they would have had no chance

Started the way I like to start Saturdays, in bed. Drank coffee, had breakfast and read the papers. Finally got out and took Sasha out for a two hour route march collecting Pokemon. Came back and recharged everything, a light lunch and then headed towards town. There was a ‘gathering’ at Castle Park for Pokemon hunting. I parked up in Cotham and walked down. The park was absolutely rammed with people, all head down in their phones. Most had wires going from them into backpacks. Police would have had a field day searching for bombs. It was a very pleasant atmosphere. I worked the hat and appropriate t-shirt, no one else did! I saw one other hat and that was it. Spent about an hour and a half there walking about. With a few tricks I managed to go from level sixteen now up to level twenty, quite pleased with that. It’s a hell of a jump though up to level twenty one. Walked back to the car and picked up a couple of bits for mother and dropped them off. Got some minor flight planning to do, weather looking good, new victim to take up tomorrow.

Pump was almost normal, except about a third of the weight

Woke up late. I blame Jamie for that, he was apparently awake all night and then slept all day. Work was fine I guess. Got stumped by one rather tricky issue which threw me for a few hours. Briefly walked Sasha as I really had to get back to work, plus it was boiling hot. Walked to Pump. Did it pretty much as normal, but now being four months down the line the weights I’m using are stupid. I will have to build it back up again over the next month or so before I start working out with Laverne again. Came home and did more work. Work, work, work.

Christopher Biggins says he can be a bit anal, go on, make up your own gag

Another long day. Work went well, just there was a lot of it. Current task though is almost complete, there is light at the end of the very long tunnel. Walked Sasha. I’m sure they’ve changed the Pokemon Go heuristic, they now escape far too often. Went for a three mile run this evening, leg failed to fall off. Booked aircraft for Sunday. Just sat down to watch the start of Celeb BB, Chris Biggins, this one maybe a watcher…

Apparently there is time between work and sleep, not sure I’ve found it yet

So today was very long and only just finished. That’s more overtime that I’ll never see, mind you I guess the basic isn’t bad. The task that I spent ages being somewhat scared of is now almost complete bar the tweaking, and that can come much later on. So apart from taking Sasha out lunchtime I haven’t done much else. Still, with that walk I’m up to level sixteen.

Well I evolved a few Pokemon

Had a cracking work day today. After spending yesterday mainly procrastinating with various notepads and post-it notes, today I actually sat down and wrote some code. And at the end of the day it even works. A lot more to do on it, but pleased with the progress. Waked Sasha, now almost up to level sixteen. Apparently it gets very dull after level twenty and finishes at about level thirty. I think level twenty two will be my challenge, have to put an ‘end game’ somewhere or it will just go on forever.

For the first time in months my leg felt almost ‘normal’

Usual Monday morning problems. Took me a while to get into the swing of things. But today I felt very much like a solicitor, basically I was just charging for ‘thinking’ time. I have an extremely tricky work task, and I really have to think about it hard. I haven’t written a line of code today, all thought. Took Sasha out and caught some Pokemon, almost up to level fifteen now. Walked to the gym, did Combat, walked home and then picked up Jamie. For the first time in months my leg hasn’t given me any grief. Okay, there is still some pain, but I managed to do Combat almost normally. I hope it continues to go this way.

Considering the weather was a tad dodgy I got a lot done

Okay, so this morning didn’t exactly start with a bang. Two cups of coffee and a shit later I was firing on all cylinders. Walked Sasha until it rained, which to be honest, wasn’t that long. Did a hell of a lot of video editing. Then decided it was finally time to shift all the shit out of the guest bathroom. Spent several hours moving things around, built up quite a sweat. It wasn’t until this evening when I ventured out for an hour or so and did some Pokemon Go. It’s amusing the people you meet, I spent ages battling one gym, against some people who you would think would normally mug you, it’s kind of bringing people together in a strange kind of way. Did some more video editing, had a bath and now making a curry.

Okay, I admit it, I am missing the messy ‘other half’. It’s kinda quiet and less distracting than it should be.

I think I’ve got the hang of this Pokemon Go thing now

So started this morning without an early start for once. Shame Jamie wasn’t here to join me. Had two cups of coffee and breakfast, then read the paper. Finally got up and took Sasha on a route march. Three hours that poor dog got walked around while I was building up experience and more catches. Came home for lunch, a phone recharge and a chance for the dog to have a drink and collapse under the table. Then finally ventured out. Bought some crickets. Attempted to walk into town but didn’t get that far as I spent about an hour on the Downs and another another at Whiteladies Road battling and collecting Pokemon. Hey, I’m level thirteen now and half way to level fourteen, I will get there tomorrow for sure. Stopped in Tesco’s for mother. Then stopped at mothers. Was surprised that she was belting around without the aid of her walker thing. She was actually in pretty good shape. I’m sure it’s not long until she will be driving again.

The most painful thing today was trying to get my nipple ring back in

Did a few hours work this morning and then drove to the hospital (private one, I don’t do NHS). I got there about twenty minutes early. Filled in the questionnaire about the MRI scan and before I got to the bottom of it I was called in. I wore sensible gear (tracks bottoms and a t-shirt) so didn’t have to change into a gown. Straight onto the gantry and into the doughnut of doom. One day they will invent and MRI machine which doesn’t sound like it’s a bloody road drill. The massive noise is caused by the coil expanding, it’s almost like it’s tearing itself apart. Over in about twenty minutes then straight off to the X-ray department. Had a couple of those done as well. All very quick and very efficient, you won’t get that on the NHS. Spent more time sat in bloody traffic. Walked Sasha, very nice out today. Walked to Pump. Spent an awfully long time trying to get my nipple ring back in, it’s always been a tight fit, after a hell of a lot of persuading I managed it. Can’t get any of the balls back on though, so shove a plaster on it for now. Will have to wait for Jamie to come home. He looks like he’s having fun in San Diego. I’m now about to have a pizza and get thoughrly pissed.