Welcome to toilet world

So we actually woke up early which wasn’t really much of a surprise considering we were asleep by about 11PM. That included rigorous sex. So anyway, made breakfast and had coffee. Then put the dogs in the car and drove to the kennels, got stuck in a mass of non-existent traffic jams, got there in the end. Sasha escaped, but was caught and was fine. We then dropped that laser off at a box in Almondsbury and then went to Tesco and picked up a tablecloth and some milk. Then once again it was on with the cleaning and setting up. Picked up Megan, who then got stuck in with even more cleaning. I then setup all the lights and the smoke machine. It’s now just waiting for Madonna to turn up. After a dry run I’ve shut everything down and Jamie started on the food. We have the cooker covered, the sink covered and all this bloody food and drink everywhere. I just had the vision of the guy on ‘The Apprentice’ going, ‘now I’m going to walk you round the shop. This is out toilet world..’, while pointing at three bottles of bleach. We have ‘dessert world’, ‘crisp world’, ‘cold meats that nobody will eat world’, ‘the bar’. I’m still tempted to get a bottle of bleach out, there’s a gap by the sink. So we finally retired upstairs to get a shower. To save time we both had a shower together and promptly had sex again, that’s two days running, that’ll have to stop. So now I’m in bed before I get changed, roll on the night, I’m sure good fun will be had by all. If not they can all fuck off home.

Reluctantly I had to say goodbye to the Class 4 laser

Spent basically the whole day cleaning and shifting stuff around. I still haven’t cleaned my office or done my tax return. I really must make some kind of effort tomorrow. Did get a bit of cabin fever though due to being stuck in with the god awful weather, so went to the gym for a good run. Came back and set the laser up. After reading all the specs, it’s actually a different one to what I ordered and is far too powerful for a home environment, it’s actually a full class 4 laser, which will cut through shit at close range. We have children coming to this party, so them leaving without limbs or eyesight may not be a great idea. So sadly after playing with it a bit with the smoke machine I’ve boxed it back up and it will be sent back tomorrow. Mother came round for dinner, all good. We are both having a bit of an early night now as it will be a hell of a long day tomorrow with all the setting up and then finally the doing. Then no doubt a hell of a lot of cleaning up the day after.

So we got the whiteboard out again

So got up far too late again, not really surprising as we went to bed gone 3AM. I think I continued to dust stuff, mainly DVD’s and CD’s. Charged up the GoPro’s. We then took the dogs out to the field and did some filming there. New smoke machine has arrived, with timer. Spent the rest of the day basically cleaning stuff, lots of dusting. We eventually finished up with panicking about the shopping list for new years and then got the whiteboard out and planned out the holiday, which we have already booked but haven’t really given a great deal of thought to. We need to buy more theme park tickets and decided where the hell we are join to stay in Miami. Mother round for dinner tomorrow, I’m sure she’ll behave nicely as she’s fairly close to death now.

A long time ago in a galaxy far far away….

So this morning I was planning on bottling the red, but got a call off Ben who asked if I wanted to go flying this afternoon. So I washed out the bottles and started on sorting out the bookshelf. Mainly boxing up old books, removing the total crap and dusting everything. I now have somewhere to put all my helicopter books. Drove up to Staverton, Ben had already done the Check A and fuelled, so we attached the GoPro’s and off we went. Flew to Lucknam Park hotel, which has a pretty good field to land in, including a handy windsock. We had a massive head wind on the way there so took ages. Paid six-fifty for two coffees and then flew back with a massive tail wind in about twelve minutes. Good fun, if somewhat windy. Drove home and finished the bookshelf, as a bonus I did the one in the lounge as well. Still need to dust all the CD’s and DVD’s. Bottled the red. Then we went into town to watch the new Star Wars film, ‘The force awakens’. As Jamie said, ‘It was very Star Wars’. It pretty much followed the standard formula of all the films. I never expected Jabba the hut to do full on anal with Leia though, that was very strange. And I don’t know how much Mark Hamill got paid, but it was probably by the second. More dusting and cleaning tomorrow, plus that tax return is still somewhat looming.

Dirty dancing

So most of yesterday morning and part of the afternoon was spent in bed, mainly arguing about what hotel we should stay at in Miami. We did eventually get up and walk the dogs, just in time to come back an be picked up by my sister. A very good evening with much hilarity, mainly due to plenty of beer and wine and that bloody ‘heads-up’ game. The clue for ‘dirty-dancing’ somehow managed to trigger the words ‘anal fucking’ and other such fun things. Even mother behaved and somewhat enjoyed it. We must do it all less often, roll on Easter.

Today I spent a while in bed catching up with an absolute stack of reading of various bits. I also wanted to avoid going downstairs as Sasha had overdone the bone eating and the dining room had turned into a vomitorium. I never knew so much runny shit could come out of one dog. She’s been fine all today. Jamie finished work early so we disappeared up The Mall for a bit. All there was there was people and traffic. Stopped in Tesco on the way home and picked up some food for me as I forgot to order anything to eat for this week. Played around with the new GoPro, that all works nicely. Transferred the red and cleaned some bottles, that’s all ready to do tomorrow. We are now going to have a bath together and probably argue about that hotel again.

“I have a problem with some of Nietzsche’s hypothesis, but the Pussy Cat Dolls really blow my mind”

So started off at about 3AM. I went for a piss. The fucking cleaners had moved the bathroom scales. I rammed by left foot clean into them, completely taking off the top of my big toe. I was not fucking impressed. I pissed and went back to bed. Woke up in the morning and cleaned up half a toenail and about half a pint of blood. Moved the scales. We were thinking about sex, just I think we were thinking about sex just not with each other. So I made breakfast and had coffee. I then gave Jamie his stocking, which contained some nice Paul Smith smellys and some other stuff. He gave me mine which contained a load of tat from Pound Stretcher. We eventually got up and walked the dogs. Came backhand exchange gifts. I got a Dan and Phil calendar which I’ll have a sank over later and some Lynx stuff to cover up the smell. Also got tickets to Priscilla Queen of the dessert next year. We then headed off to the mother-in-laws. Dinner was served. Very nice indeed. Disappointed there were no Yorkshire puddings which I don’t like anyway, and no mash. We had peas, I heavily approve of peas. I like peas. We never used to have peas on a Sunday. I guess it wasn’t a Sunday, so peas were fine. They had mint in. We did the washing up and then had presents. I got a nice picture, a t-shirt and some wooden spoons. Gave Jamie his tattoo voucher and I got a GoPro Hero 4. Drove home. We then bought a load of new songs for Karaoke games and practiced a few. Jamie came out with a very odd statement that he could ‘never understand the Pussy Cat Dolls’, I came back with, ‘You could possibly have an issue with understanding some of the philosophers hypothesis, but really…’.

Time for more beer.

Santa’s coming – hide

Had a horrible nights lack of sleep. Even being tossed off this morning didn’t really put me in a good mood. Thankfully total work contact today was restricted to a couple of artists and I initiated it anyway. Got stuck right into my compiler. Walked Sasha during about the only break in the rain in the day. In the end I worked until about 9PM. I don’t feel the remotest bit ‘Christmasy’. Did get a new bank account today though, after January first the government only guarantees the first seventy-five grand, so need to shift a shitload of money round. Rang the mortgage company, she wanted to know how I was going to pay it off, I said I’d let her know in six years and seven months and it would be a surprise, she wasn’t impressed. Oh well, no more work until next year, it would be better perhaps if that wasn’t just a week away.

Looking forward to the next couple of days anyway, my mind isn’t in a great place with very much lack of sleep and far too much alcohol, but that’s all mothers fault. Will be nice to see the in-laws tomorrow, it’s always a spectacular Christmas lunch when served with Yorkshire puddings and mash, at least we are not taking the dogs this year, so will be less chaos. Then Sarah’s on Saturday, which will mainly be a demonstration of how to down about six bottles of wine in as many hours. Then I’ll be at a bit of a lull. I’m hoping for some decent weather over the next week, as I still have the worlds most pointless license and nowhere to use it. Bah Humbug.

Okay, so it was very live, I’d like to see the directors balls

Started this morning grumpy. Which was odd as very few people were around to annoy me. Traced a rather fun bug to do with sub-classing templates, not a great idea, as I found out. Anyway, sorted that out. Last lot of shopping arrived. Weather was nice so took Sasha for a long walk. Came back and then did another platform version of the compiler. Walked to the gym, did the last Pump class of the year, walked home and did a little more work. Did the accounts. Watched the making of the sound of music live thing, and it really was very much live. Much respect for the technical team, doing online editing with seventeen cameras without fucking it up takes some seriously large testicles. Ate salad. So tomorrow is the last work day of the year, got something quite fun to work on I guess. Then it’s Christmas. It’ll be my 43rd, never liked Christmas really, it interrupts the working week.

Sound of music live

Started fairly on time after I emptied the dishwasher. It was quite a pleasant quiet day really. I pretty much just sat there and got on with it, actually made very good progress. There’s still a lot of questions to be answered, but it’s well on its way now. Walked Sasha in the drizzle and that was as much venturing out as I did today. Transferred the white as it was just above 1010 yesterday, so should have been bang on today. Finally positioned the last speaker and wired in the PS4. Set that up with a new kareoake game, all working. Then started wrapping the presents. All of which apart from two are Jamie’s. While I was wrapping I watched ‘Sound of Music live’, although I debate what bit of it was actually live. It seemed to have an absolute shitload of offline editing. I remember ‘Crossroads’ used to have no offline editing, that was always funny. This was either done to perfection or was edited about four months ago. Anyway, all wrapping now finished. Last lot of shopping being delivered tomorrow.

So Christmas is apparently coming

Started work later than planned. Usual Monday problems. Got stuck into it in the end though. Jamie may be working odd hours at the moment, but coming home, creating a bloody great fry up and then sleeping for thirteen hours leaving the kitchen in a hell of a state isn’t acceptable. I’ve just left it and piled on more mess. Walked to gym, did Combat, last one for a couple of weeks. Walked home and did a bit more work, actually a lot more work. Tested the white, it will be ready to transfer tomorrow. Put a load of F-connectors on RG6. The excitement, so I now have Freesat again. I thought there was Channel 5HD, there isn’t must of imagined it. Anyway it’s all setup now, including a satellite feed to the TV. That’s pretty much everything complete now, just need to set the speaker positions back up. And oh yes, need to wrap the presents, think I’ll wait for the kitchen to be tidy first.