So apparently I may need to eat more

Lost a bit more. Sleep wasn’t too awful. Work was mainly tracing some strange bug, was quite interesting. Walked both dogs. Walked to the gym, did Pump, did a session with Laverne and walked home again. I’ve resurrected my ‘myfitnesspal’ app and sorted it all out. Even eating pizza tonight I’m about 900 calories short of where I should be, so I think I have to redo my nutrition plan, add some potato’s or something, need more carbs and less protein. Captain James rang, still no certificate, oh well, get to have another freebe….

Insomnia (and I don’t mean the Faithless version)

Had the most appalling nights sleep last night, very restless. Still, started work early. Spent some time looking at a suspend issue and the rest looking at some odd visual artefacts, which at the end of the still are still there. Started a spreadsheet with weight, body fat and lots of maths. Now the interesting thing is the weight is dropping but the body fat percentage isn’t dropping at the same rate, this possibly means that I’m not losing fat but muscle and other items. So I’ll give it a week, as I’m probably just losing water and stuff at the moment, then need to closely monitor it. I don’t really give a shit about the actual weight figure, it’s the body fat percentage I’m more interested in. Considering all the internet resources about nutrition, it should be fairly easy to sort it all out on a bloody spread sheet. Walked the dogs, finished work at a sensible hour and then went for a walk for two hours. Had a shower and ate salad, also ate some crisps. Shouldn’t have really, but I think I’ve eaton less than a thousand calories today. Hopefully will sleep better tonight.

Wonder how long the dishes will stay by the sink for

So back on shaders today, had a load more tests to do. Had to test another project which magically gained Steam authentication overnight and was a real pain in the ass to get going. Then someone noticed some problems with the test shaders. I walked the dogs, walked to the gym, did Pump, walked home and then did yet more bloody work. Sat down, ate salad. Admiring the large pile of dishes that are building up around the sink. Jamie is moaning about the number of flies. If he got off his ass and cleaned up now and then, then they wouldn’t be a problem. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to empty and fill a bloody dishwasher, or empty a bin.

Off to a good start

So weighed myself this morning and lost both weight and body fat, not a huge amount, but heading in the right direction. Started work, today was all about depth. Now depth can be stored in two ways, one is ‘linear depth’, so this is the distance in view space divided by the far plane. Simple as that. Then you have the other form of depth, which is in projection space, or projected depth. This is a kind of log depth or basically a depth stored which has greater accuracy the nearer you are are to the near plane. Now the fun comes when you want to convert from one to the other. As you may not want to store linear depth, but it’s very handy for certain distance calcs. On the other hand you may store linear depth, but you actually want projected depth if you are doing inverse projection calcs. So that was my day, it all worked in the end apart from motion blur, not sure whats up with that yet. Walked both dogs. Did a home check for a kitten and then went for a run. Ate salad. Got a new book to start on tonight, it has nothing to do with Hitler or plane crashes, so will make a nice change.

So started on my beach body diet

So last night I turned the fridges off. This morning I had breakfast and coffee as normal. Ended up walking the dogs a bit early as I was waiting for some data to finish building. Work was all a bit dull. So was the weather, it’s been overcast and showery all day. Walked to the gym, did Combat, walked home. Did more work. Ate second lot of salad of the day. Had a yogurt as well, haven’t bought those for years. Early night I think.

What a fucking miserable day

Okay, so we didn’t actually awake until well gone midday, but there wasn’t really much point. The weather was just awful. I’d spent the morning with one of the guys from 5SOS, we’d decided to share a bath together as we both have the same ear infection. I got his phone number and everything…. So Jamie brought me breakfast and coffee. I decided I was going to make a couple of videos, so after much talking I decided to do one about ‘Google cardboard’ and another about helicopter navigation. So I walked the dogs in the rain. Then setup the camera. We managed to get the output to display on the projector at the same time. It was a fun video to make, I’ll post a link when it’s up. I then filmed another rather long video about navigation. Tidied up and then edited the first one. That’s ready to go and is currently uploading to YouTube. Had a bath. Jamie is cooking. Diet starts tomorrow. Yey.

So I could find a grass airstrip in the middle of nowhere, but almost failed to find Hereford

So got a text from captain James, do a route to Hereford with something halfway. So stayed in bed for far too long and read the paper. Finally printed out the wind spot and weather charts and then did the flight plan. Arrived at Staverton a bit late due to an accident on the M5. James revealed that he still didn’t have his certificate, so this was another un-loggable freebie. He checked my flight plan and all was good. We set off fine and I soon found the airfield. Hereford however was slightly to the left of where I had planned, mind you it was big enough. The way back was fine though, landed all without any issues. A very good flight. Drove back home. We took the dogs to a field and then had a BBQ. I listened to old EDM while warming by the chimera, or whatever it’s called. Now time for a bath and the Grand Prix qualifier.

Finally got back to working on my arms

So after last nights ’24’ marathon I didn’t exactly start at the crack of dawn. Today was about converting the last of the shaders to a new generalised system. I managed that. Although I’m having a bit of a crisis about linear depth. Walked Sasha in the drizzle, it was heavy by the time we got back, so Dill’s missed out. I think Jamie did actually take him out later. Went to the gym and did Pump. Then did my first session with Laverne in about four months. That hurt. I’ve lost a lot of muscle, so entirely her fault. Still we will build it back up again. Spoke to an Indian woman in a call centre, she did actually fix my Virgin router, which is a first, but still I am somewhat pleased. James called and said tomorrow is looking good for nav, so let’s see what happens.

That was a bit like tea-bagging a hot toaster

As usual I can’t go tint too many details, but lets just say that today I had to set up a console dev kit, built by a certain operating system maker. It was fucking painful. Multiple zip files, had to be unarchived and then copied across the network, multiple things had to be flashed and then the speed of debugging is just atrocious. I had to test a very small module I was working on. It took over seven hours. Thankfully then I swapped back to my favourite console and did the same thing in about three minutes.

Walked the dogs, one at a time. Went out this evening and looked for a cache. Failed. Came back and went out for a run. More shader work tomorrow.

Happy 3rd anniversary and the death of the other blog

Can you remember that I actually run two blogs? No, neither can I. Today the domain for the other one expires, so if you’ve never read, your opportunity has now vanished.

It’s also the 3rd anniversary of this blog, and it’s still going strong.

So this morning was all about one Jira bug. Five hours later and I was none the wiser, looks like some sort of memory trasher. Cleaners came, I kept Sasha inside and actually she was quite well behaved. Walked both dogs. Walked to the gym, did Pump and walked home again. Then spent a couple of hours redoing some input layout code. This is stuff which maps vertex declarations to shaders. Very dull. Made a good job of it. Captain James texted to say he had a plan for the weekend if the weather was shit. Back to more shader work tomorrow.