This morning I was visited by god, well his salesman anyway

The doorbell rang, the dog attacked the door. I answered to two women dressed up like Michelin men (well it was freezing). I chucked the dog in the kitchen. She was holding a piece of paper and asked me, “Have you ever asked any of these question?”, closely followed by, “Have you ever wondered why we are all here?”. To which I replied, “Because you rang the doorbell.” She smiled, this was going to be a tough one. I said I wasn’t religious. She replied with, “Have you always thought that way?”. To which I thought, probably not after a couple of bottles of wine. She then said, “What do you think about all the wars and the drugs?”. Like a shot I replied with, “Yes I’m definitely missing out”, which probably wasn’t the wisest answer on the planet. She left me her piece of paper and I bid them a pleasant morning, they were harmless, I’d much rather have them then some pikey trying to sell me tarmacking.

Working on what I was working on before again. Actually made pretty good progress today on it, sorted out all the spline issues. It’s now actually beginning to look more like a game than a mass or debug numbers.

Walked the dog. Now this is odd, she has this new coat (I don’t mean she’s shed and grown a new one, although with the amount of hair she produces I wouldn’t put it past her), it’s a very nice waterproof and fur thing that Jamie got her. When she has it on she really does walk beautifully. It was very odd that I kept banging her head on the lead handle as she was walking so closely to me and not pulling. We came across a few other dogs including one of her friends and she behaved wonderfully. All a bit strange, I wonder if doggy day care are training her a little bit, as she always seems really good when she comes back from there.

Went to the gym and did pump. Did lots of washing. Now just finished up work, lots to do on it next week, but pleased it’s now in a good shape to do more development on anyway.

Now it’s time to get some more washing on, have a bath, phone mother, enjoy listening to her talk about herself. Then it’s pizza time. Not too sure about the weekend. May look at plants.

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