Zombie zombie zombie

So spent this morning with quite a hang over. This again is probably due to eating cheese rolls, every time I eat them I get a bad head.

Worked on Android again, file system on Android is a bit odd, all your assets are inside a pak file (which is basically a zip), but we happen to use pak files as well, so you end up with a zip inside a zip which isn’t really a very good idea if you want anything to load within the same decade it started. So now I’m doing a little tool that will take our assets and then unpack the pak file and just put the loose contents in, so just a posh copy.

Walked the dog. Moved the cleaners. Well, not physically, just changed the day so they don’t clash with the new boiler fitting. Went to the gym. Front grill thing on car appears to be loose, like me it’s falling apart, but unlike me it’s only three years old.

The mobile game is out. I don’t want to mix work with personal stuff, I know I babble on about what I’ve been doing during the day, but I do keep it very abstract, I never go into any details for obvious reasons. If you like comics and a certain TV series then you can probably figure it out. It’s had all good reviews so far too…

Time for a bath and may be another hangover in celebration.

The 5:30AM Sausage Roll incident

So today was spent finishing off testing Android atomics, then creating Android projects for a couple of our other games. This actually was all fairly successful. Had to do a couple of Android changes on one of the games, nothing major.

Walked the dog, she’s always so much easier to walk for a couple of days after she’s been to day care.

Had an odd occurrence this morning, woke up at 5:30, couldn’t get back to sleep. Was too hungry, so let the dog out for a pee then grabbed a sausage roll. Then went back to sleep, no problem. So there we go folks, the cure for insomnia is pork based products.

Got a few more Android bits to do tomorrow, then need to do a bit of research into probability.

Went to the gym, ran, exciting isn’t it. Ate salad (with sausage roll). It’s torture porn night, so will have a glass of wine later. I think the mobile game is announced tomorrow.

All hail Germolene

So up at the crack of dawn and took the dog to day care. Actually worked out the short route was about twice as long as the long route. Anyway, she was very excited, I was very tired so went back to bed.

Working on Android atomics again. This time I did a bit of research and found that since Arm6K there were indeed 64 bit atomic operations. The problem being that they are not really exposed in GCC and definitely not in the NDK. So out with the ARM manual then out with the GCC manual, as I’d forgotten how to do the inline format. Surprisingly easy to get to grips with. Anyway we now have 64 bit atomics for Android. Move on.

Need to decide what I want to do next after I’ve now finished the main mobile game. I’ve been offered something that may not initially sound interesting, but looking at the tech involved there’s some very interesting stuff there. Anyway, as normal, certainly can’t discuss any specifics.

Put some screws in the bloody mini trunking as I got pissed off with the weight of the cable pulling it off the wall.

This lunchtime I ran, actually enjoyed it, haven’t done cross country in a long time. It was cold, but it was fun.

This morning I was invaded by no less than three cleaners, they came they saw, they almost forgot to empty the bins. No other complaints though.

No response from Paul, so I’ll probably just do the overrun cable myself over the weekend. It’s not creating a new circuit anyway. I texted the boiler man, he’s nowhere to be found either.

So today was another fasting day. Very little modifications to standard diet, except no wine, or sausage roll.

Talking of wine, my decent expensive stuff turned up today. My wine fridge now contains more value than the contents of Jamie’s pants.

So tomorrow is more finishing off stuff and a bit of game design. Back to the gym (Didn’t feel the need to go tonight, due to running), back to dog walking. She really is tired when she comes back, she even fell asleep in the car on the way home.

Oh yes, Germolene. The nose problem I had, been blasting up some of it over the last couple of days, now I’m pleased to say I think it’s fully healed.

Android atomics

So today I was looking at the atomic problem again which I spotted yesterday. I traced it in the end on the PC version, it was due to a unsigned int32 being shifted right 32 times, which I would have thought would have made it 0, on PC it doesn’t it seems to shift by the modulo of 32, so 33 would shift 1 etc. After 25 years I still get the odd annoying surprise. Then it was back on to Android, which has no 64 bit atomics. Found a nice big bug in my emulation for them which wasn’t locking the atomic properly. That’s now all working on Android but I want to play around with spinlocks a bit more as it’s a little bit thread happy.

Good news on the mobile game front, it’s been set as ‘ready to publish’, which means it’s been approved by Apple, the only thing stopping it from appearing on the app store is pressing a button and a large room full of lawyers. Wait until Friday then I’ll finally announce what it is.

Walked the dog, went to the gym. She’s off to doggy day care tomorrow. Cleaners coming tomorrow.

Then spent a bit of time pissing around with my favourite subject, pfSense. Jamie was trying to connect 360 to XBox live, of course it’s set to strict NAT. I did try and set it upo for UPNP, it managed to open one port and passed the tests but failed to work correctly. In the end I just set it up with it’s own IP address which worked, but I do really need to revisit it again at some point.

Live fast and die hungry

Started the day with fixing an annoying issue with WAV files. It’s a RIFF file format so the data chunk can be anywhere. The normal thing with WAV files is that you can load the first 128 bytes or so and find everything useful in that. Al of course managed to find a WAV file that contains a nice load of meta data right at the beginning which buggers all that up. So fixed that.

Then started tracing into an issue on Android, I spent many hours convinced it was a problem with string processing but after much digging it’s actually the command queue running out of reservation slots. This is a bit of an odd one as it can only really be added to in two places so it would have to have some seriously odd thread behavior to cause this problem. I’m suspecting some seriously odd thread behavior.

Walked the dog, weather was actually fairly pleasant considering. Went to gym and did combat.

Now this is week two of this fasting test thing. Friday of course got cocked up due to stupid traffic levels so I missed pump. But by this morning my weight had returned to what it was last weekend plus a pound. So basically gained weight. I’ll give it another go this week and monitor it. Today is one of the fasting days, missed bread out of lunchtime sandwich and I’ll miss the sausage roll out of my salad. I have worked out though that I can squeeze in a banana (no sniggering). The only thing I’ve achieved so far though is to become hungry. You may well live longer, but whats the point when you’re starving. So tomorrow I’ll eat the same as today, except for the bread and the sausage roll. I think I’ve got some fruit cake as well. Then Wednesday will be fast day again and Thursday will be a repeat of Tuesday, except that it’s torture porn night, so cheese & biscuits and wine. Exercise wise I will try and keep a fairly constant 600 calories, so on fast days it will exactly cancel out the food intake.

Ever since I bleached the bathroom tiles weeks ago, my nose has been sore and won’t heal, I’ve now resorted to jamming Germaline up it, so now have pink splodge dripping out of it.

I’m going to ride you like a double decker bendy bus

Last nights curry was a great success. Well it was for me, Jamie kept complaining that it was too hot and it spoilt it. It only contained twelve red birds eye chilli’s and four teaspoons of chilli powder. Lightweight.

So this morning started off with a piss for me and Sasha, I then watched the X-Factor on the iPad. Then after discovering that Jamie was vaguely in the mood, I woo’d him by touching his nipple once then sticking my finger in his ear. That’s quite advanced foreplay for me. I then said the magic words ‘I’m going to ride you like a double decker bendy bus’, unblocked the lube bottle where it had solidified with lack of use then did the business. Three minutes later it was time to get up and unblock a drain of a different kind.

I have a new gadget for my pressure washer, it’s a backwards firing jet attachment. Kind of a real man’s version of a douche. I’d like to try it on Jamie’s arse, it would strip back layers dating to the Jurassic period. Anyway, started on drain, it’s very good but still took the best part of four hours to completely unblock about six meters of drain pipe. But you could pour champagne down it (and drink it) after I’d finished. I also took the U-bend off the sink and cleaned out all the crap from that as well. The sink now drains faster than my mothers bank account.

Then on to the second job of the day, which was the pump overrun cable for the new boiler, about half an hour pissing about getting the cable from the airing cupboard to the kitchen and the rest was pretty straightforward. I’ve added a new junction box and wired most of it in. In fact I wired it all in so I could produce a circuit diagram and test it all, only so I could disconnect it again to get the electrician to do the exact same task just because I require a bit of paperwork. Still, I’ll get Paul to do it, he has to make three connections and probably drink about four cups of coffee. Still at least I know he won’t rip me off.

I tidied up the bin collection and got rid of two bins, one with a broken lid that was fifteen years old and a rusty one which wasn’t. I’m now left with the Brabantia and some space. Which is ideal as I can now fill it with shoes.

So this evening I plan on having a bath, watching the X-Factor results and then watching the very last Grand Prix of the season. It’s actually all gone down to the wire so quite looking forward to this one, if I’m not completely pissed by then. Hey, I worked bloody hard today. And it’s fasting day tomorrow. Still if I’m not losing any weight I can always do a colonic using my drain gadget….

It’s a washing machine, it washes clothes, move on

So started off this morning with walking the dog (actually I started off the morning with quite a big poo, but that’s may be a bit too graphic). It rained, it was miserable. Did the shopping. Jamie failed to get me his shopping list by the deadline so he has nothing.

Then I went over mothers as she wanted to get a new washing machine. We went to a place on Gloucester road, they had washing machines. There was also a very annoying young girl there, she must have been about 8, she was going up and down all the machines and opening everything and slamming it shut. I wanted to just beat her to a pulp, then find her parent(s) and beat them to a pulp, they of course weren’t around as they were probably arranging some crack cocaine deal or buying an expensive tea-pot. Mother told her that’ll she’ll break something in a minute, I just glared at her until she looked scared shitless. She’ll have nightmares about that until she’s about 45 and even then she’ll think twice about ever closing a washing machine door. We failed to buy one there. We moved on….to Comet, which was of course closing down. They had stack loads of washing machines at silly 30% off prices, there was a half reasonable one for £180 rather than £300. They would bung it in the car for you. All she had to arrange was getting it out of car and moving in house, now half of the heavy handed brigade was already there. But oh no, rather than save about £150 she just stood there and moaned about how problematic it all would be and that it would have to be plumbed in, and it’s cold fill only and her old pipe might leak….at this point I just walked out. Then on to Curry’s. Where we found a washing machine, amongst about 700 washing machines. They all looked pretty much the same to me. You bung stuff in, add stuff in various drawers, leave it for 3 hours to talk to itself and then remove all the stuff which is now just as dirty as it went in, but smells a bit less like dog. She bought the machine, it’s being delivered next Sunday, they will install it and remove the old one. She will no doubt poor the bastard who delivers it with “I’ve had a Hoover for ten years and never had a problem with it.” By this time the fitter will be diving into his tool box to get a wrench to remove his own kidneys to protect his dignity from listening to so much anal drivel.

I fixed her fucking curtain rail.

Came back, did the accounts. Looked at various Christmas present lists, decided I have no money so didn’t buy anything. Tomorrow I have a fun day of unblocking drains and adding boiler wiring. I may have to reach for that wrench myself. Tonight I’m cooking chicken garlic chilli masala, I need to build up a bit of internal power for the drain cleaning. Nothing like being up to your armpits in the contents of your own intestines, unless you are into self fisting of course.

Holly Hedge

Here’s a really sweet video for Holly Hedge animal sanctuary.

Holly Hedge Animal Sanctuary

Most of today was taken up with finishing off the Android unity files and iOS/Windows PCH for the audiolib. Fixed a couple of other bits along the way.

Walked the dog, she was quite well behaved. Did the washing. Attempted to go to the gym for pump, but failed just at the end of the road as the traffic was backed up everywhere. It appears the M5 was shut due to an overturned lorry and they were diverting all traffic through Bradley Stoke to head to the M32. Cheers. So gave up and came home and finished off my work. The advantage now being that I’ve actually finished by 10 and not 11 ish. Oh well, time for a bath and Friday night wine. Jamie’s buying me pizza tonight. I’m having a ‘Sizzler’, yes I am feeling okay. Tomorrow I’m going washing machine shopping with mother, that will be thrilling.

Rain, Rain, ah just fuck off

Started the day with the news that the mobile game has finally been submitted to Apple. Hopefully be released December 2nd. Fixed an oversight in the audiolib, oversight being that I completely forgot to write a big chunk of code. Then I was working on the Android build tool chain, I think I’ve gone about as far with that as I can, so just need to sort it in all the configs now.

Al asked me to put pre-compiled headers into the audiolib, which is fine, except it’s not a five minute task, 3 hours later and I’m still at it, never mind, gives me a bit of a purpose for tomorrow.

Caught up with my radio consumption for the week, just some serious bangy Dance to get through now. Electrical stuff has turned up for the heating, so now have a queue of jobs for the weekend. Heating electrics, drain unblocking and radiator balancing. Oh, I get all the fucking fun jobs. I’m sure Jamie has some important fapping to do.

Walked the dog, wet route as it was blowing a gale and spitting with rain, which was about as good as it got all day. Went to the gym, ran. Did a home check for a kitten. Ate, caught up with a bit of telly. Now I think I’m going to have a glass of wine and watch some torture porn.

Doggy day care via Venice

The dog actually woke up at about 6:15, so beat the alarm by 15 minutes. She went out and had a poo and got very excited that I poured her breakfast out. Then she annoyed me continuously while I was trying to get dressed. We got in the car be 6:45 and were there by 7. The back road was bloody awful but no sign of massive flooding. Back in bed by 7:15.

Spent the day working on Android debugging with GDB. I now have a batch file which is created during the build stage, which when I run starts up the debugger with full source debugging. So pretty good in the end. Tried a few graphical front ends for GDB, but can’t really get any of them to work reliably.

Lunchtime I went out and ran, which was a first for a hell of along time. All of the nature reserve was flooded up to about 4 feet high. Before I knew it (and after having lunch, it’s a no bread day again today), it was time to pick the dog up. I left at 16:15, by 16:30 I already turned back at the end of the main road due to traffic. By 16:45 I’d turned back again as the back road was now completely flooded. Then sat and queued on the roundabout for what seemed like hours. Finally got there and picked the dog up. Thought I’d avoid the motorway junction by going via Iron Acton, that bit was fine, then joined another queue and then another one. Then got back into Bradley Stoke, had to go from one end to the other in more stop start. Finally got home at 17:50. That’s a journey I won’t forget in a hurry and certainly don’t wish to repeat.

Went to the gym after doing a re-check, quite an odd one that. Then had to spend the evening catching up with work. It’s now midnight and I haven’t even eaten yet. So time for salad with no sausage roll….