People keep saying, “You should take your mother out for mother’s day”. I always fancied being a bit of a hit man.

Finally got Jamie to get out of bed, let the dogs out and make me breakfast. After Jamie continued to snooze we eventually got up and took the dogs out, they had a good run out at the field in Almondsbury.

We then ventured down to the mother-in-laws.

Now I’m going to waffle, stick with it. I was using her Kindle to access my helicopter videos on YouTube and opened up the web browser. It was set to this blog….awkward.

Okay. So the MIL reads my blog, should I change my political views on people who claim benefits? No, that would be rather two faced. Plus, this is the interesting thing, I think we could quite happily put each others views across and agree to disagree on certain points.

Now this is a bit weird. I’m sat there talking about flying helicopters at four hundred an hour in a council flat that would quite happily fit in my living room with space left over for a few more cats. But what do I see in front of me? This is the odd thing. I see someone who is perfectly happy and content. Her flat is beautifully decorated (if you like teal) with great attention to detail. The garden has had a huge amount of effort put into it, but not just for her benefit, she has a whole load of elderly and incapacitated neighbours (who seem to pop-off with alarming regularity) who’s gardens she also tends. We had a lovely dinner, she went out of the way to provide me with a bacon free version. I felt welcome. Now, this is a lady of a certain age, I’m sure she has ailments, her husband for sure suffers from great back pain. I can really respect back pain as I get it a lot, it feels like a spear has been jammed up from your asshole up to your neck. Yet she was sat there asking me about my problems, my depression and what I was up to. Not once did she mention that a leg had fallen off, she had cysts on her arms or her breasts were oozing oil. Some people bang on about, “You must always have aspirations”. Bollocks, if you are happy you are happy. I just have total respect for the lady. I suffer from the fact that no matter what i have, I will always aspire to want more, one day I’ll do some sort of Icarus and fly an R22 into the sun. I’m sure sometimes she thinks that she can’t connect to me, but that’s totally my fault. I’m just not used to people asking questions about me and my life. I’ve been brought up with my mother who’s entire life revolves around her. I was never asked about me. Okay, may be I was, but it was more the case of ‘How are you?, Oh, my kitchen light keeps flickering, my leg hurts, I’m out of money because I spent it all in shit’. So yes, when someone does genuinely ask about me, I suddenly get a little bit introverted, as I’m just not quite used to it. I respect you for your principles and the fact that you just seem so happy. I think perhaps you could have taught Jamie to be a bit tidier. A couple of complaints though, four sausage rolls to take home is a bit of a disgrace and you have Sky+ HD, even I can’t afford that. You really could teach my mother a thing or two. Where as you seemingly spend your time helping your neighbours, mine seems to spend her time moaning about hers. If I lived next-door to my mother, I would have had her knocked off by now.

So in conclusion, happy mother’s day! To my mother-in-law.

And then a cheque arrives

This morning started with breakfast about fifteen minutes too late. By the time I got up I had about thirty five minutes to get to Staverton which was at least a forty minute drive away. I thought I’d try out the new sat-nav, which like all it’s predecessors didn’t have a clue about Gloucester airport. Not like it hasn’t been there since the second world war. Got there about five minutes late, James was rabbiting to someone so didn’t matter. I went for a pee then settled in charlie-delta. Did all the pre-flight, James jumped in, I fired her up. Bit windy today, airport was really busy though. We were burning off eight gallons an hour just sat there waiting for clearance. Eventually we took off to the north and did a few 3,000 feet auto-rotations. James made great light of the fact that we were, ‘only descending at 18 miles an hour’, which is still a bit quick to hit the deck at. We did about three auto-rotations and then went back to circuits. I nailed one on to Yankee perfectly. Did another one on to the runway, then completely cocked up the last one. Overall, had a great flight.

Meandered back home. Then I got a bit of a shock, there was a cheque for thirty-two quid. Now Im not going to go into this more until it’s cashed and hasn’t bounced, which I highly suspect it will. But at the end of the day, I managed to get one-up on a bunch of money grabbing pass-off bastards.

Had lunch. Then as it was nice day I took the dogs on a nice jaunt. We were out for a few hours, they had a good tun round. Came back and finished editing the latest part in the great USA road trip series. Did the accounts. Then when Jamie came home we went to the Italian. I had an amazing Sea Bass dish. See it comes to something where I’m prepared to sue someone for £32 quid, yet spend £85 on dinner. It’s all about the principal.

Tomorrow we are going to Jamie’s mothers for mothers day. I’m sure it will be delightful.

So 24 hours to go, I think they think I’m bluffing, I don’t do that

So today started actually quite well. I was working on splitting up a render task into multiple threads, it was fairly straightforward and worked first time. Which considering what a shite week it’s been was very nice.

Went to the gym and did Pump with Laverne. Afterwards we did are usual PT sessions, she keeps saying ‘wow, your getting really strong’. Massive arms, massive belly. Got some petrol, managed to get 12p off a litre which isn’t bad. When I came back Jamie was in the bath. I finished off a few things then joined him. We had a bit of an Archimedes problem, but Dillon was there to lap up the bubbles. We did adult things, Dillon was in the room but I don’t think he’s been scared.

Time for pizza. Flying tomorrow morning. Issuing summons in the afternoon, should be a fun day.

So 48 hours until I issue a summons

So started just before mid-day. Hey I was up half the night debugging, then other half of the night I was getting hammered after spending half the night debugging. Had another GPU bug, thankfully it also happened on DX11 so passed it on to someone else. Did some fun optimisations on memory copying. Then started on splitting up an environment map.

Walked Sasha, Dillon hid under the bed. Finished at about half five. Went to Spin. Came back and did about another half hour. Then I carried on editing the second USA road trip video. How the hell I’m going to do them live from the trip I don’t know. It takes around ten hours to get ten minutes worth of video and that’s if all the sound and colour are balanced and there are no effects to add. That helicopter music video I did took the best part of twenty hours. But was on Radio 1.

So tomorrow I’ve got one big task I need to do plus a small SDK update. Next week will be a bit of a biggie I think, Anti-aliasing.

Got flying on Saturday. If I die the game will ship with lots of Jaggies. (Google MSAA if you haven’t got a clue what I’m talking about.)

So to recap, there’s a new video coming out hopefully tomorrow, then another one about mid next week. We’ll also hopefully be filming a new one next Wednesday, which isn’t anything to do with the trip, but will involve a lot of plasticine.

I’m now about to watch a film with Jamie Campbell Bower in, mainly because it has Jamie Campbell Bower in with very few clothes on.

So twelve hours on one GPU bug, someone said this job was glamorous

Managed to get to sleep at about 4am. Woke up by the alarm at 6:30am. Took Dillon to daycare. Went back to bed. Managed a bit more sleep. So then it was back on to the fun GPU bug. Made the mistake of spending the rest of the trusting the GPU debugger. Very bad mistake, must of wasted the best part of ten hours believing what it was saying, when it was completely wrong. Bug was in a different area. Good news was it was finally fixed about 1am. Bad news is there’s another GPU bug to do tomorrow. I’m in no hurry to get up though, may take most of tomorrow morning off.

Did go to Pump. Worked on arms. There was so much on my mind that I didn’t really notice me straining on anything. Maybe biceps a bit. Trudie always plays it about 10% faster than normal speed anyway.

So, still have about three videos to edit. Holiday coming up. Just a couple of things to get for it now.

Have an interesting little story coming up. Need to wait a little bit as I may still have to issue a court summons.

A tiring frustrating day

Didn’t sleep well again last night. So woke up feeling tired, again. Started with being informed about some crash bug. Sorted that. Then wasted about half a day trying to sort something that just wasn’t actually doable. Was finishing off then found another two bugs, both are rather strange, but aren’t fixed. I also need to look at a speed issue as the frame rate has dropped by half.

Felt tired, but went to the gym anyway. Managed almost a full session on the cross-trainer. Came back and did some video editing, not happy with the way it was going so stopped for the moment. It is rather funny though. I may split it into two and do an ‘out-takes’ video as well. I did manage to get most of the audio synced though between the DSLR using the R0de Video Mic Pro and the Tascam DR-05. Needs lots of work though, forty-five minutes long, needs to be about twelve at the absolute max.

Sat down and watched some telly. Will have an early night again tonight and try and get some sleep. Dillon is at daycare tomorrow. Need to have a good run at work as well, will be nice to get those two bugs out of the way by mid-day and then this optimisation thing in the afternoon.

So I can spend all week lifting my own bodyweight, but one day of flooring has knackered me out

Woke up, felt tired. Started work. Today was all about verifying normals. Are they linear or sRGB? In the end, no one really cared as you can sample them either way and look pretty much okay anyway. Walked Sasha. Went to the gym and did Combat. It was actually pretty exhausting after yesterdays work. Came back and did more work. I was going to finish on time and do a few things, in the end I worked too bloody long as usual. Then did a bit of editing on the Mac. Finally went down to eat. Think I’m going to eat a bit more then venture to bed.

There’s a new video up, “The Great USA Road Trip – Part 1”, I’m sure this will be the first of many parts. Part two was filmed on Saturday, but needs a lot of editing and audio syncing. I’m still trying to work out a good way of reducing hiss on recordings, I found a good video about doing it directly to the EOS but want to get it working on the DR-05 as well.

I’m still a laminate flooring God

So woke up this morning after a number of disturbing dreams. Can’t remember any of them, but I know since I’ve ceased med’s my brain is all over the place. Had breakfast, Jamie gave me coffee in a wine glass as we were out of mugs. Finally got up. Took the the bloody washing machine out again. Then got the new saw out. Cut off about 30mm in front of the washing machine. Then started getting on with the serious sawing. I ended up replacing five sections of laminate. It’s actually quite a challenge, because they are all tongue and grooved, so you have to be quite creative with a chisel and wood glue. I did a bit more trim around the edge as well. Basically I did an eight hour day, replacing damage caused by Jamie. What doesn’t kill us, just fucks our knees.

Had a bath. Drank vast quantities of wine. Need to cook food. Got a full week of complex work to look forward to. At least it doesn’t involve wood glue.

Is it wrong to grunt in front of a short woman while pulling a face?

Had a bit of a lie in this morning, it was needed. Another week where I did far more work hours than I planned. I do get well paid for it, but now and then you just want to enjoy a bit of time off. So I had a lie in with Dill’s. Sasha was on the landing, she was quite happy, looking forward to breakfast. We all got up, had a pee, then had breakfast. I read the paper then went back to sleep. Some bastard stole my USB cable, I was walking round the office trying to find it. My mind works in mysterious ways. Spent a couple of hours editing a video on the iMac. I walked Sasha, had a light lunch then headed out. Went to B&Q and picked up a couple of bits, then to the reptile shop and got some crickets. I then parked up in Cotham and walked into down. Purchased nothing. Came back home. Did battle with the iMac trying to upload a video.

Decided then to do ‘The Great USA road trip Part 2’ video with Jamie. So we shot that while lying on the bed. It’ll be a while before that one’s edited. Part one is only just processing on YouTube. Did the accounts. Jamie decided he didn’t want Fajita’s so we’ve ordered Indian.

Forgot to mention that yesterday I managed to get ‘Having an existential crises’ into a work forum post, which I was quite proud of. Also, yesterday I did Pump at the gym followed by a really good session with Laverne. Is it wrong to enjoy almost passing out lifting half my bodyweight while grunting into a mirror? I actually really enjoyed it, I think it’s called endorphins. This morning I felt really wide and pumped up. I’m actually really enjoying these extra sessions, my upper body is almost something I’m proud of.

Now a difficult one. It’s coming up to my birthday. That I don’t have a problem with. But four days before is mothers birthday. (We will forget mothers day, which I’ve always consider a bunch of bullshit invented by the card industry anyway). Now traditionally we would go to bingo and then to the Indian (For some reason she actually thinks I kind of enjoy this, maybe back when I was going through a very confusing state of denial after breaking up with Nat it made sense, but now it just seems to be the worst possible thing on earth). Now, I’m still up for doing this. I’m quite happy to pay for everything, all she has to do is pick me up and drop me back. That’s actually not all. She has to keep her bloody mouth shut. If she can go the entire evening without talking about money, lack of it, bit’s that need doing or repairing, parts of either herself or her car falling apart or QVC then I may actually enjoy it. I have a feeling though that although she hasn’t bought a been off QVC for over a month now, she will revert to form and I’ll go back to despising her with a vengeance. Mind you, if she can’t talk about those things then what will she talk about? God she may have to listen to me, that’ll be hell for her for sure.

So my mother suddenly likes Fleetwood Mac

I woke up this morning after having a very vivid conversation with my mother about Stevie Nicks’ substance abuse issues. Which is odd as I’m not sure my mother had ever heard of Fleetwood Mac.

Work was hell. No shaders in sight. Today was all about srgb. That’s gamma correction. You want to know more? Okay, well you did ask. So normal diffuse textures are saved out as sRGB, that is they are gamma corrected. So when you sample them in the shader you reverse the process and turn sRGB back to linear. Now my concern was that all dds textures were being converted to sRGB. Normal maps are however linear, not sRGB encoded. Now the fun comes that the texture converter de-gamma’s a non sRGB texture, does bugger all to it and then re-gamma’s it again but sets the format to sRGB. This is then sampled as linear, but the header takes priority so its actually reading it as sRGB when it’s linear. And you think I have it easy?

This morning while I was waiting for shaders to build I did finish the first edit on my new video though. Hopefully get that finished tomorrow.

My new mini audio recorder arrived as well, so hopefully I can get really good sound on the next one.

Went to Pump. Afterwards had a really good session with Laverne. We went to the downstairs gym after pump as it had heavier weights. I surprised myself and her by doing arm exercises with 16Kg bells. I reckon I could do 18Kg now. Not bad considering I was really struggling with 12Kg a month or so a go. So these after class sessions are really working out for me. We then went upstairs and did some TRX work (basically adult bondage). Came back and did more bloody work. I’ve done far too many hours this week. Next week I may take a few mornings off to catch up with some personal stuff.

One thing I forgot to mention yesterday. Me and Dill’s were watching a programme about dangerous dogs. Lots of Staffie’s. He went into cat mode and hid behind me on top of the couch. There was a very sad bit at the end where they said “These are the lucky ones, every year 10,000 dogs are put down”. There then followed an image of a perfectly nice looking medium dog being taken out of it’s kennel, tail wagging. The next thing you see is a vet with a stethoscope seeing if it’s heart has stopped. Please, if you are thinking of getting a dog or a cat (they are far cheaper to run than children) then go to your local animal shelter. Don’t fund puppy farmers, or people who flog puppies down the pub. There are just far too many abandoned animals. Remember, a dog or a cat is only a small portion of your lifetime, but to them you are the whole of their lifetime.