So it is possible to hoover dog hair, if you have a few hours to spare

So spent about four hours on Sunday hoovering up dog hair out of the car. I was thinking about getting someone in to do it, then realised, that no one would actually have the dedication required. Four hours to do the drivers seat and the rear behind it. I’ve spent another hour and three-quarters doing the passenger side and rear seats. I’ve also completed all the mats, but think I’ll give them another go over. Next is the parcel shelf and boot. I’m then going to shampoo and clean the inside. Then it’s onto the outside, wonder how many days that will take.

Reason behind it? Well I was looking at getting a new car, but the MOT is due on mine and delivery will not be in time, plus there is also the ‘date’ thing with the registrations. So I’ve decided to get mine through the MOT and keep it until March, it’s not going to devalue much in that time. It’s a good car, I just want to make it pretty again and not smell like a dog basket.

An evening to myself – an oddity

Started today just before nine. Horrible weather. Walked Sasha in the lashing rain, not nice. Had a normal length lunch break. Then finished work on time, actually ended up doing a few minutes over. But shut down and switched off. Drove to the gym as it was still raining. Did Combat. Then spent the evening re-editing ‘Ibiza – Day 1’ video as I had a couple of issues with the upload. That’s all going up now. While it was processing I’ve pretty much done day two as well now. Nice to have an evening to myself not involving work for once. Going to take a sleeping pill and head to bed, no alcohol required for once.