So my cousin apparently complained about my furious masturbating

That got your attention.

So had a very weird dream this morning. Mother was having a wedding at her place. Well, not at her place, but she was hosting a lot of the wedding guests. I was sleeping in the upstairs room and was awoken by the sound of various guests arriving downstairs. I then promptly decided it was a good time to have a wank, and so went forth. The next morning my cousin was complaining at breakfast that all she could hear was me banging away. The oddest point is that my mother lives in a bungalow.

The rest of the day was really rather dull after that. Nice weather though. Walked Sasha. Walked to the gym, did Pump. Will now eat pizza, go to bed and not touch my willy at all.

London is bloody good for Pokemon

Started this morning far far too early. Had a schedule though and stuck to it. I was at the station for the 7:53. I was in London my half nine and it was absolutely pissing down. Walked to the office. I then took part in two meetings which I can’t say anything about. Afterwards I walked back towards Paddington Station. The number of Pokestops was just mad, I had to expand my backpack twice. I gave up walking at Westminster, mainly due to the works in the Severn tunnel. Got the last direct train back to Bristol Parkway at six forty-five, it was packed but managed to get a seat. A very long and tiring day, had a nice bath.

Spent the evening with four strangers in a car, haven’t done that since I was thirteen but that’s a different story

Work was fairly dull, debugging a particle problem, which in total took me bout ten hours more than it should have. Miserable bloody day again. Walked Sasha, miserable. Worked this afternoon and then went out this evening to do a home check on a cat. Then met up with some strangers I met on the internet at the Willow Brook Centre. After some brief introductions we headed off in a car and then hung around a field. A Chinese lady, a guy with car issues, a P.E. teacher and finally a school boy. We had seven mobile phones between us, much fun was had.

Did a home check, I think it was in Norway

Work was fine again, a bit slow, waiting on someone else to finish some stuff. Weather was a bit better today. Walked Sasha, it actually got better as we went on. Headed off early evening to do a home check. It was somewhat further than I thought, took an hour and a half to walk there, did the home check and then an hour and a half back. I forgot to put my FitBit on when I walked the dog as it was charging, but I clocked up eleven miles just this evening. I’m sat down now, feel quite tired.

Been feeling bit iffy, does nothing for my mood

Started this morning not feeling great. Did nothing for my normal Monday morning issues and ended with a few arguments. The weather was shite as well. Walked Sasha and it was’t fun. Got a bit better in the afternoon. Was undecided about going to Combat. Decided I’d walk there and if I wasn’t feeling it I’d walk home again. Got there and did it, well most of it, didn’t do the floor work at the end. Came home and did another hour or so. Still feeling a bit blah, but I’m sure it will pass.

The chances of Chansey

Started the morning as I like, coffee, breakfast, doing a mad dash for a wild Snorlax half a mile away. Walked Sasha. It’s been a bit showery this morning. Had lunch. Then headed out. Parked up and walked into town. Settled in Welsh Back for the afternoon. The object of the day was to collect Dratins. I caught about six, need about twenty, it’s a start. Then suddenly a Chansey appeared. I ran like fuck to St. Mary Redcliffe. One raspberry and one ultra ball and the fucker ran. Oddly then on the way back there was a man with his kids, “Oh, I was the policeman who stopped you in the park the other day, you’ll know where the Chansey is”, I pointed him in the correct direction, what the fuck are the chances in that? Not a bad day, I now have 130 in the Pokedex out of a possible UK 142. So some work still to do.

Get the fuck to of the way, you are worse than my dogs

Started this morning with plenty of coffee and the paper. Then spent half an hour evolving Pidgys. Got up eventually and walked Sasha. Weather look iffy all day. But finally ventured up to my mothers. Bungie’d in her car battery, I did a good a job as I can do, but to be honest any half decent garage would just drill the bolt out and do it properly for free. I then spent ten minutes rejigging her bloody furniture. It came to a point where I moved a couch and a chair, then swapped them round, but she was surprised that she didn’t gain any space. She permanently stood in the bloody way. Then I walked down the main road towards town, stopped off for a light lunch at the Tinto Lounge. Then doubled back towards the car. Picked up some rolls for mother, picked up the car. Did a home check for a cat. Came home, did accounts, had a bath.

Three Snorlax and still no bloody Lapras

Can’t complain once again, managed to repro some of the more obscure bugs from QA. I’ve had a good week work wise really, probably because a lot of people have been away. Nice weather today again. Walked Sasha. The dogs spent most of the day playing in the garden. Walked to gym, did Pump. Walked home, hatched yet another Snorlax, but still no Lapras.


A day of bugs. Well a day of bug fixing. Once again, can’t complain, all basically went according to plan. Walked Sasha in some nice sunshine, we did milk it a bit as its been the best day in a while. Had a walk this evening via the long way round to the pet shop to pickup some crickets. It’s usually this time of year we are in Turkey, but due to our rather extravagant May holiday, tattoos and the rather bad political situation over there we gave it a miss this year. I do miss it, FaceBook keeps showing me photos from over the years. We will go back next year I hope.