If I wanted bland food I could get it more locally

So started this morning with sex. Actually no, I started this morning sweating. Followed by more sweating. Still have a chest infection so don’t exactly feel on top of the world. Jamie let the dog out and got me breakfast, he always put’s too much milk on the bran-flakes. I drank the coffee. I then banged away like a road drill on granite for about fifteen minutes, okay, I wasn’t really that into it, just not in the mood. Jamie created a mess and it was all over.

I then got up and cleared up all the dog shit, interleaved with mowing. I mowed the front as well. Had lunch, eggs. Then loaded up the GPS. Headed over to Iron Acton. Found first cache straight away but there were two old biddies gassing right by it so had to wait for them to bugger off. Then spent about half an hour walking round a field in the wrong place. Got back on track and managed to find another seven, not one ‘did not find’, so over fifty now. Also picked up a couple of ‘travel bugs’ that I will need to relocate soon.

Came back, had a shower. Then it was time to head over to ‘The White Lion’ to use the voucher I won at last weeks fate. Haven’t been there for a long time and it’s had a bit of a makeover. Problem being it’s now a chain serving fairly generic shit. I only had to pay six quid which was to be honest about all it was worth. If I wanted to eat bland crap I could do so much closer to home. Still, it was a meal out. Read my trip advisor review for all the gory details.

Must be bath time, I’m stung to crap. Why do all these geocaches have to be behind mile of fucking nettles.

I can be quite generous

So started this morning earlier than I would have liked, thanks to the dog insisting I let her out, followed an hour later by her further insistence that she be fed. I had breakfast and a coffee, so at least I was vaguely coherent (a lot more than I am now that’s for certain). I got up. As I no longer have to do shopping I harnessed up the bitch (the dog not Jamie, he was at work) and we tootled up to Alomondsbury, to her favourite field where she was let off her lead an behaved impeccably. We walked back, she was fairly tiered, two poo’s along the way, the dog that is not me. Got back, I then ventured out, oddly back to Almondsbury where I picked up some firewood after collecting a paper and some cash.

Had lunch. Then ventured out with my GPS. Parked up and picked up some crickets, then moved over to Coombe Dingle. Searched for four and found three, these were all fairly tricky and enjoyable, I’m up to 46 now. I’ll by a t-shirt when I hit 50.

Went over to mothers, where she showed me her leaking shower. I then drove her to Curry’s, I could live without her driving, okay, I didn’t slow down at roundabouts, much to her annoyance, but I took have taken them a hell of a lot faster, we were well within safety limits. I bought her a tumble dryer, she paid for the warranty. Generous? Well, what’s a hundred and fifty quid to me, loose change really on the face of it. It made her day, plus I now get some more nice fruit cake, which to be honest is fairly priceless.

Came back home and did the accounts. I’m actually down this month, probably due to Japan and paying for the deposit on Turkey. Started up the BBQ. Got it all going nicely, took the radio outside, had a few beers, made the dinner. It was all nice. Then retired to the bath, watched ‘Chase & Status’ live streaming on the iPad as I was in the bath. It was fantastic, I really wish I was there to be honest. I’m now sat down about to watch ‘The Rolling Stones’. I’m already completely plastered, well into the Glastonbury spirit.

Then I started coughing

After a very disappointing film last night, that only lasted 25 minutes before I decided it was awful and switched it off, I went to bed. It was called ‘Severance’, I may give it another blast.

Woke up this morning sounding like I was losing a lung. Don’t know where that came from but I hope it pisses off. Working still on shader conversion, it’s one of those tasks where you leave any joy at the door and just get on with it. I’m probably about half way through it, at least it’s a dull job to get on with on Monday.

Walked the dog. She’s coming round to the idea of spending time in my room now. Actually she’s here now, which is pretty good considering Jamie is in his orifice. She does get the odd biscuit in here though. May be it was because we had a nice walk today. See what the weather does tomorrow. Mother wants me to go with her to look at tumble dryers, I’m sure that will be exciting. I may offer to drive as I don’t really want another near death experience, I haven’t got over the last one yet.

Meant to be having a BBQ tomorrow, want to get some firewood from somewhere.

We don’t invent a new wheel, we just change the tyre

So I had every good intention of going out for some good walking this evening. Instead it started pissing down at about 2PM and hasn’t really stopped since, so I haven’t been out at all. This is rather annoying as I now feel fat. I really need to start going running again, but when it’s hot out it’s not very pleasant. Anyway, pump tomorrow at the gym and then hopefully have a more energetic weekend. Shopping being delivered again tomorrow.

Work wise, lots of shader conversion work from one platform to another. I was speaking to colleague about conversion work and said, ‘We don’t invent a new wheel, we just change the tyre’. Which I thought for a Thursday was very deep. It’s true though, as each new platform comes along, you end up doing the same stuff over and over again, just in a slightly different way. Still, it can be quite fun though.

It’s torture porn night, but I think I may go for an episode of ‘En-devour’ first.

I ran out of Flora

Working on shaders still, not a compiler this time but actual shader code. Not the most exciting thing on the planet but it needs to be done. Drank lots of coffee, cleaners arrived, full of the joys of spring. I was tempted to offer them my Prozac. Jamie made me a sandwich, it was very light on butter. Worked through lunch, then headed out. I took the car and plonked it at Frenchay. Had a good rummage there and found another three caches. Couldn’t find one more but I think I found the remains of it, which is a shame. See what the weather does tomorrow.

Decided that if I left the butter situation until tomorrow I would have to stop work, go and get butter then make a sandwich. This would be somewhat inconvenient, so I just popped out and bought Flora. I may have bought some cheese and crisps as well. Right, I’m done for the day, shower and wine I think.

Oh, took the dog to daycare, she’s still ignoring me.

Five more caches found

Oddly everything I did at work today actually worked, this in my industry is pretty unusual. Still got something nagging in the back of my mind though….default parameters, think I need to dig further into that tomorrow. Then a whole host of shader conversions, oh the joy.

Skipped lunch so I could have an early out in the evening. Walked passed Parkway station, I see the pub there has closed yet again. Then over towards UWE. Good haul tonight, found five. They were all fairly straightforward. Up to forty now. Will venture out again tomorrow if the weather holds up.

Got home quite late, had a shower, ate salad.

Giant balls

Back to the fun of the working week. Bit of an odd one, needed to move over to the client platform to test shaders. All mainly went according to plan.

Walked the dog. Went to Body Combat, which was the new release which was quite fun. Came back and did some more work. Then watched a very odd documentary about a man with 10 stone testicles. It was very bizarre. The guy did manage to keep up a good demeanour, even with these massive nuts. He did get an operation in the end to chop them off, all a bit strange.

Network partitioning and mammaries

So today started kind of late. May be at my grand old age of forty-one it’s just nice to stay in bed and spoon your husband and the dog. The radio was on in the background and I was kind of dozing. Mind you there is something to be said about getting a blow job while Richard Madeley is doing newspaper reviews. Elaine Paige came on, I then started singing ‘Mammaries’, rather than ‘Memories’ from ‘Cats’, while cupping Jamie’s rather pert titties, he was not amused.

I got up and picked up all the dog shit. I then had lunch. We decided as it was not pissing down that we would take the dog to the same field I did yesterday. It was actually very nice, we got to the top field and let her off her lead. She belted off but stayed mainly around us. We got her ball out and started chucking it around, she had a great time. Very well behaved, we had no problem calling her back and putting her lead on again, she was a really good girl.

Came back and got on with the sanding. Finished off all the coving, put some more filler on one one the cracked corners. Then actually rang out of work so put the door back on. Next job is the messy one, sanding all the walls, so I need to order a load of dust sheets. I’ll do that this week, in case next weekend is pants then I can get on with it. Want to do it in one hit really because of all the dust.

Ah yes, the network partitioning. Well I have servers mapped to one lot of IP’s, DHCP handing out a load of other addresses, plus all Jamie’s stuff was on fixed IP’s and now we have all the uPnp crap as well. It was time for a rethink. Now the servers are on a public IP starting at .136, I have a 8 IP range, so the mask is 29, leaving 3 bits in the subnet (so 8 IP’s, get-it?). So that goes from 136 to 143. So I now mapped the servers internally to> or in the rules table it will be So that’s the servers covered. Now I want Jamie to be in his own subnet so I can throttle him to hell when he wears my socks, but I also need him to have a allocation that can use uPnp for the consoles. I also need an allocation for uPnp for my consoles. So I decided to have three subnets of 16 IP’s, but one of them overlapping a subnet of 32 IP’s for the uPnp. So I allocated to or in other words to Jamie as uPnp, I then allocated to me for uPnp. So the first bank I could add a rule to include the throttling for Jamie, the second bank was free. Also the first bank I set up to use Virgin and the second bank to use Zen, this is because I need me dev kits to talk on a white listed static IP. Now in the uPnp section of pfSense I then set it to, notice the 27, so this covers all 32 IP’s on one rule. I then finally added another subnet on for Jamie’s non-consoles, this still has the throttling but not the uPnp, as that’s somewhat dangerous from a PC. Finally I then set up DHCP to hand out anything between .20 and .127, that then leaves me .1 to .19 as reserved and a block between .128 and . 135. Also I have a subnet .144 to .159 which I use for static IP’s for things like the web cam and the Sam Knows box. So there we go, all reorganised and now everything works, including all the consoles.

Time for a bath.

Red Squirrel Day

Got up. Actually got up fairly early for a Saturday. Now I didn’t have to do any shopping. So I popped the dog in the car an we shot up to Almondsbury. Found a great fully enclosed and completely empty field, so let her off her lead. She ran off at an incredible speed. Thankfully every time I called her back she came though. She’s a hell of a mover, she can really shift.

Came back and had some lunch. I loaded up the GPS with sites around Westbury-On-Trym. I then headed over and parked in Henleaze. There were no sites near here so I headed for Westbury. Now last week when looking around this area I noticed that the junior school fate was on this weekend. This is Westbury-On-Trym C of E E school. It’s now actually an academy. I will have left this school thirty years ago in September. It seemed somewhat smaller, may be I’ve just got fatter. It’s also grown two port a-cabins, which are rather ugly. I went into one of the class rooms, the old black boards have been replaced by a projector. It just seemed all so small, thinking we used to get about forty kids in there. Even the field where I’d spent endless football sessions just walking up and down looked about the size of my lawn. I bought a tenners worth of raffle tickets on a stall, I think it was thirty tickets. I one a whole load of tat, bottle of wine, candle, wallet, some sowing kit and some tea bags. I then sat down for an hour and watched some really badly organised tug-of-war. I bought a tenners worth of tickets for the main raffle, there was an iPod shuffle up for grabs. I then went and bought another load of raffle tickets, I won more wine and candles. Then when the main draw was announced, I didn’t win the iPod, but I did win two prizes (the only person to do so), I won a months trial membership of David LLoyd and a meal for two at the White Lion, so I think I made a profit. It was a fun afternoon I guess, it just seemed to be much better organised when I was there as a kid. Still, fun memorise. I imagine all the teachers who were there when I was there are all past now or in their 80’s. I never did get to any caches.

I came back home, had a coffee and then re-partitioned the network, I’ll rabbit about that tomorrow.

Okay, must admit, I do like a little man doing the shopping for me

Still on shaders, the good news I’ve finished the first pass on the compiler, it now produces a shader binary output that I can reload. So more fun work on it next week.

Mid-morning, doorbell goes (dog removed to garden) and ‘Tim’ appears. ‘Tim’ appears far too jolly. But brings three trays of shopping which was ordered online. All I have to do is put it away. I’ve paid for six months of deliveries, I have a feeling I may be extending this. One thing though I will have to peruse the shopping list more carefully, as Jamie has access to it. This I found out to be by mistake as I started putting away a small ‘Angel Cake’ in the cupboard, together with a whole selection of ‘cheese nibbles’. Talking of which I forgot to order cheese.

Walked the dog. Went to Body Pump. Came back and did some more work. Pizza and bath time. Good week, lots of good work done.