To infinity and qnan

Spent the bulk of the day working on a weird oddity to do with infinity. Solved it in the end but spent hours and hours again just building data. Had a good moan at one of the managers. Walked Sasha. Went for a run. Now in idle mode, could go either way. Just wrote a shell sort in an online c compiler just for fun.

Wondering if I’m too old for all this shit and if I should just be content

Bit of an odd day. Spent it all on Xbox One. Most of it trying to get it to run. It has a very interesting issue with overflows turning to qnan’s. Walked Sasha, it stayed dry just. Walked to the gym, it didn’t, did Combat and walked home. Annoyed as I forgot my towel so had to take a shower at home. Still wondering about everything. What decisions I should make, what direction I should go, I really don’t know any more. But in better news the iMac’s will indeed run on 110V.

One rung up a very long ladder

Woke up in the spare room, then realised I was actually in there by choice as Jamie was on one of his stupidly early shifts. I’ve got quite used to sleeping in there now and it actually works quite well for both of us. There is nothing wrong with our relationship at all, but if we wake each other up at odd times of the night it really isn’t great, so we have a bit of an arrangement that if he needs to be up in the middle of the night and I haven’t finished watching David Dickinson then I sleep in the spare room. He snores like a train and I pee like a hosepipe, it works, we’ve been together so long that we can accept this. It just makes us appreciate the time we do spend together in bed a bit more.

So anyway, after I transported back to the main bedroom I didn’t get up until late it must be said. Walked Sasha, it was raining, quite annoying, but we still managed a good two hours. Are little route through the industrial estate has been blocked off, quite annoying.

Came back, Jamie was now home after completing an eight hour shift. I started on sealing the marble in the bathroom, needs to be done once a year. Took me over two hours to clean it all and finally seal it. It’s all a bit nasty, really the sink needs replacing, toothpaste is an awful acid.

Then got on with sanding the bedroom walls. All ready for a general sanding and then applying a mist coat. Ready for the main painting then.

Sat down and did the accounts. Got an email. ‘Good news’. Apparently I’m not as shit as I think I am. More telephone conversations next week. Lets see where it all leads to.

I did have a thought though. If none of it goes anywhere. I’ve decided what I’m going to do, and it has fuck all to do with programming or computers. I’m going to buy a house, yes another one.

The back door

Woke up this morning feeling somewhat horny. So had coffee and read the paper. It didn’t subside. So I did something I usually only do on very special occasions. Still it was fun and lots of lubricant was used. I walked Sasha and then headed into town. Failed to buy anything. Came back and downloaded a game I didn’t want to perform some tests on it. It was the fastest expense claim I’ve ever filed. Plus I also filed another expense claim to a large multi-national, who I still haven’t heard from incidentally. DIY planned for tomorrow.

Sorry, but sometimes you just need to get an expert in

Spent the day on shadows again. Basically I’ve taken them as far as my expertise goes, if you want more you’ll need a shadow expert. Good luck on finding one of those. I will not be bullied into pissing infinite time into something I don’t know fuck all about and quite frankly don’t want to know fuck all about.

Apart from that, walked Sasha. Walked to the gym in the rain and did Pump, walked home and worked too many fucking hours.

Racing driver by proxy

Spent the day mostly tweaking normals. It wasn’t very exciting. Tomorrow I’ll look at biasing, that won’t be very interesting either. Walked Sasha, by god was it fucking cold. Went for a run this evening, that was also fucking cold. Just watching a documentary I recorded over Christmas about child racing drivers, karters. And it’s exactly as I’ve seen in the past. Parents living their dreams through their children. I used to race for a bit of fun, we were quite good in our class. Gave it up after ten years as we were all getting too bloody old and too many twats with too much money being a pain in the ass and taking it all too seriously. What I find disturbing is the pressure eight and ten year olds are put under. They have virtually bugger all chance of progressing anywhere, why don’t they just enjoy it. Later in life they’ll work out all they have to look forward to is a long delay to death so may as well have a bit of fun along the way.

Reach out

Early start this morning. Had breakfast and coffee then took Sasha out for a short walk. Then I vanished. Can’t say where, can’t say when. All I will say is that I spent the best part of five hours in a hotel suite with five complete strangers and at no point did anyone take off more than their glasses. On the way home I had a vey large cornish pasty. I think I’ll leave it there.

Night terrors

Strange night last night. Jamie was snoring like a train so I went into the spare room. I then proceeded to be attacked, by myself. I was being held down on the bed and the sheet was being pulled down tight over me, I could not,using all my force move. I tried to scream, but nothing came out. This of course was all self imposed. Worrying isn’t it. Still, got to sleep eventually. Working on shadows again today, not a huge amount of progress but at least everyone left me alone. Walked to gym, did Combat, walked home. Busy day tomorrow, going to be interesting for sure.

Room now confirmed – well I say room….

Finally got an email from the Hard Rock Hotel, confirming my reservation. It will be interesting as I have pay it on Euro on arrival, so lets keep an eye on that as it could bankrupt me. So now need to sort transfers, club reservations and restaurants. One for net week. Bad sleep pattern again today/last night. Very restless, was up at 4AM. Didn’t get to rest again until about 9AM. Didn’t get up until midday. Started on the diy, been sometime since I’ve looked at that. Did an hour and then took Sasha out for a couple of hours. Tried to do a home check but they were unavailable. Got on with the sanding, They called me back and I popped over there early evening. So half the sanding is now done, I’ve made a good job of that wall. Again, perhaps I should be revising coding techniques that I’ve never used, but fuck it, I’ve been doing it for thirty years, they either like me or they don’t. Everything is now covered in dust. Had a bath. It’s going to be a fun week ahead.