May be I’m going about this the wrong way

So woke up at 5AM (well the alarm was set for that), looked out the window, light snow, nothing major. So reset the alarm for 6:30AM. Got up at 20 past. Took the dog to day care, roads were fine. Went back to bed.

So today was working on a mobile project, was a bit stop start as I had a few problems getting my head round what needed to be done. Plus the office wanted me to sort their phone system out, which is a little tricky when you’re a hundred miles away. Anyway, phone system sorted, one mobile problem sorted, so went out for a run.

Came back to find the cleaners waiting outside, which was odd as it was an hour before they were expected. Anyway, they got on with it, I leant them my Dyson, as it was a damn site better at dog hair than their Henry.

Picked up dog. Came back and finally got into some decent work. Worked on into the evening.

Balancing radiators is proving somewhat impossible. I think it’s because who ever installed the heating hasn’t actually fitted the radiators in a loop, I think there are actually three separate loops. So what I think I’ll do is open up all the valves again and then measure all the flow temperatures, those rads that are at a higher temperature I’ll close down the lock shields a bit, then hopefully that will even out the heat distribution across the rads. It’ll kill a few hours anyway.

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