I may get to sue someone else soon, good I was getting bored

Still working on the mobile project I was working on, but I’m working on it on PC as it’s just easier to work with. I’ve now got it to a stage though where I can transfer it all across to the Mac and XCode and build it for iOS. Then I can start debugging it on the iPhone and iPad. It’s only a concept demo, but these things have to start somewhere.

It was raining so I worked right through lunch and didn’t end up going for a run until about 5PM. Jamie did actually get up this morning to get his haircut, came back with a floppy fringe (yey!), decided he didn’t like it so gelled the fuck out of it (boo!). Shame, it shows off his massive forehead. But the good news is that Google are interested in using it for ad space.

Came back and did some more work. Still haven’t managed to kill new plants yet. Left another message for the boiler fitters to say I still haven’t received a proper VAT invoice yet and that they haven’t filed the correct paperwork at the council and Bosch have no registration of the boiler serial number. I’ll give them until the end of the week then I’ll put it in writing. Then I’ll give them two weeks and then issue a court summons for the entire amount plus costs. I really wish people wouldn’t fuck with me as I am a real nasty bastard. Incidentally Paul Hayes never filed the correct paper work at the council either, so I’ll be after him as well…

Checked on the Strawberry wine, the gravity on that has finally dropped so I’ve added the stabilizer. That’ll need to settle for a couple of days.

Jamie is now packing as he’s off to Euro-Disney tomorrow with another poof from work. At least that means I get an evening of peace and can go to bed without being kept up by the ‘night-light’ of his bloody phone.

I’m attempting to upgrade pfSense again. Remember last time it managed to upgrade itself to itself, which wasn’t exactly what was planned.

I think I’ll do the dished then have a shower. Oh the pfSense box has just reset itself, lets see what a cock up it’s made this time. Oh, the same cock up as last time. Lovely, I’ll try a manual update.

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