I bought a palm tree

Started the day off as I like to start most days, with breakfast and a coffee and not too early. Finally got up and walked the dog. We bumped into our friends again and once more she was good as gold.

Went to the pet shop and got one of the long training lead things, so will try her on that as the last step before hopefully getting her completely off the lead. Also got her a pig trotter for her great improvement over the last few weeks. Did the shopping. Had lunch.

Then I went to the garden centre and looked at house plants. Ended up buying a nice looking palm tree, actually it’s a ‘Beaucarnea’. Also bought a Yucca and a Aechmea, which is a pink flower thing, for the office. They are all alive now, but give it a few weeks and I’m sure they will be in the compost bin.

Walked into town, failed to buy anything. Visited mother, failed to kill her. Came home, did the accounts and paid everyone. Now going to settle down to a bath and then create one of my mega curries.

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