The joys of airport lounges

So got a text off Ben first thing apart todays flight. Had breakfast and coffee. We then walked to Tesco and I got some more USD. Had a quick lunch and then drove to Staverton. We waited a while for basically a storm to pass. We then flew to the west down to Chepstow and back up the Wye Valley to Hereford and back to Gloucester. It was actually a beautiful day with nice weather where we were, just everywhere else was shit, so we were lucky. Video to follow. Now looking into airport lounges, looks like we can get a card thing for entry to most of them.

No more gym for over a month

Work was kinda dull, still working on SDK update. Got dragged int a meeting in London next week, fairly pointless me being there, but there you go. Still, I’ll have a nice shopping trip in the evening while I’m there. Walked Sasha. Cycled to gym, did Pump, session with Laverne. And that’s it now at the gym until June. Maybe my groin will heal, doubt it.

And now everything is running, I love next day delivery

Work was somewhat better today, although I lost half a day trying to get a build to work. Started doing a console SDK update, that’ll be me occupied for the next day or so. Walked Sasha. Went out for a nice walk this evening, weather is still a bit weird, it’s going from tepid to fucking freezing. New ITX case arrived, so I popped the PSU out of it and stuck it in the old one. That’s all up and running again now. I’ll get a new PSU for the new case and build that into a new server with a new Ubuntu version. Job for when I come back from holiday. Now it’s time for the last episode of ‘The night manager’. Looking forward to this.

Then blew up

So started this morning after a bit of a heavy night of psychosis and screaming to be confronted by a completely dead server. No email, no printers, no web server, no fuck all. PSU had gone bang. So stripped down another PC and took out the PSU, that one had the wrong ATX connector. Found by very old proxy server and ripped the PSU converter board out of that, couldn’t find the external adapter for it (after thinking about it, I think I used it on the new one). Ended up jamming a massive external PSU into it, it’s all balanced together on strips of cardboard but magically it fired up. Ordered new case with PSU, when it arrives I’ll rip out the PSU and swap them over. I’ll then probably get another PSU and build a spare server. After all that dilemma, work got on my absolute tits, walked Sasha, came back and lasted about ten minutes, I finished at 3:30, I just had had enough, the constant moaning from everyone and the assumption that we are doing fuck all just finished me off for the day. I did poke a few odd things but just couldn’t be bothered. Cycled to the gym, did Pump with very light weights, I’ve been so pissed off today my groin has been the least of my worries. Drove to Westbury-On-Trym, picked up my click and collect that should have been there Saturday and some Flora. Now halfway through ‘The night manager’, getting well into it.

I think the compression is working, or maybe sitting on my arse is

So spent the night in compressing tights, it’s kinda kinky, maybe fishnets tonight….anyway, leg felt better this morning and my balls no longer ache, so I think it’s a step in the right direction. Work was using that bloody laptop again and what was a bigger ballache (back to them again) was doing timings on it. It was quicker to edit on main PC, shelve the code and then un-shelve and build it on the laptop than it was to do the edits on the laptop. Still, got to the root of the issue in the end. Still have a lot of work to on it. Walked Sasha, it was bloody freezing today, even if the sun was out. Walked out this evening and it was freezing again, finally found a Geocache I must have spent over two hours looking for on five separate occasions. Started watching ‘The night manager’, going to have a shower and then get into the next episode.

Groaning groin

Woke up unable to put my sock on again, I must admit I forgot to do the stretching yesterday, that probably didn’t help. Sat on a cushion most of the morning. Took Sasha out for a walk, couple of spots of rain but we got away with it mostly. Walked to the post office and returned some jeans that didn’t fit. Was going to ride to Combat but it rained as soon as I opened the door so walked instead, annoyingly it then remained dry. I’ve bust the seat clamp on it anyway, probably my fat arse. Did a bit more work. I’ve put my compression tights on, will keep them on for the next few days, try and keep everything under pressure. Think I’ll pop a pill and have an early night. Plan is to stay dry until the holiday now.

I watched a lock fill, it was truly fascinating

Okay, so Jamie may have gone into work at 5AM but I had no plans to be up like a lark. I didn’t get out of bed until gone 11AM. But my excuse was that I was resting my leg. Walked Sasha and bleached my teeth. Then I drove up to the outlet centre at Gloucester Quays, it’s not as impressive as the Swindon one, but somewhat closer. I bought some shoes, you can never have enough shoes. We walked around the docks and there were two narrows boats in a lock. I stayed there until the lock was full and the boats floated out, never seen the process before, it took about twenty minutes but was indeed fascinating. Jamie looked bored solid. Went out to have another unsuccessful attempt at finding one Geocache. Did the accounts. Got my suitcase down from the loft. Two fun weeks of work left.

The oldest guy in the skate park

Started this morning with the plan of giving my leg a rest. So started with coffee and cereal. Read the papers. There was a new Geocache so headed out to that one and found it after about twenty minutes of searching. Today was the official opening of the local skatepark. So I got on my bike and cycled down there with a leg which was absolutely killing me. I managed about an hour of buggering about in bowls and to be honest I surprised myself in how much I could actually pull off. I got asked by several five year olds (or that’s what they appeared to be), if I was part of the ‘display team’. I just smiled and thought I could be your grandfather. Retired the bike to home and walked Sasha. Came back to the skatepark later and actually watched the professional team, was very good. Then walked to Almondsbury and did a home check for a dog. Came home and decided it would be great if we ate out. To cut a long story short it took over three hours to get two pizzas and a dessert. The poor girl was on her first shift on a Saturday night and that place is woefully understaffed. I gave her a fiver as I think it will probably be her last shift as well. It’s a shame as the food was actually pretty good and very well priced. I’m about to have a bath and will look back on the fact that at the age of forty-four I can still hang around a skatepark on a BMX and not look a complete dick. It’s probably because I’m short.

Shock, horror, no celebrity died today

Started work late, as I’ve done enough hours this week already. It was all spent buggering about with that slow laptop again, I had to upgrade it to Windows 10 in the end so I could use DX11.1 features. Still, was worth it, got a good frame rate boost. Today it was miserable weather so Sasha had a short walk and I ended up doing more work. Walked to gym in the rain, didn’t want to rust new bike already. Did Pump and then mainly a chat session with Laverne afterwards. Walked home in very light drizzle. Was only planning on doing a quick forum post, hour and twenty minutes later I hung up the washing and emptied the dishwasher. Now pizza time, going to spice it up a bit with chicken, peppers and chilli’s, you go girl.

Do not put deep heat on your scrotum

Work was complex, I had three machines on the go at once, it got very hot. Walked Sasha, about six miles or so. More work. Quite a dull day really. Walked this evening and had a third attempt at a Geocache and failed. Came back and had a shower, then put some deep heat cream on my thigh, managed to get it on my ball sack. A nice burning sensation. Jamie laughed, I threatened to stick it on my bell-end and then bang him, he shut up. And Prince died today, it’ll either be Bruce Forsyth or Keith Chegwin tomorrow.