And then the Chinese buffet occurred

Started off the day with breakfast, coffee and watching porn. This thankfully lead to sex. I tried a number of adventurous positions, my knee is still aching.

Got up. Removed large amounts of expanding foam from the boiler flu using a bread knife. Stuffed hole with deep gap filler, which has a half hour drying time, which means now at bed time it’s of course still squidgy. Serialised a few more bottles and bottled the rest of the wine. We took the dog out on her new 10M leash thing. Took her to a field and chucked a ball about, unfortunately I chucked the ball 11M, my wrist is now swollen. Did in the end attached the 10M leash to her 8M extending lead, Jamie being a gay, couldn’t actually throw the ball that far so removed the problem completely.

Came back, had a boiled egg.

Attempted to upgrade pfSense to the latest snapshot build. It completed the upgrade process and successfully upgraded to the exact same version which was on there before, so something got tanked somewhere in the process.

Then we went out to a Chinese buffet, ‘Lucky Dragon’ which a bunch of Tesco people, I ended up sitting next to Jason, so spent the evening making suggestive comments and admiring his completely ‘gaunt’ expression. There’s a man who needs to go on a burger diet. Meal was nice, but took ages, we started at 8, only just finished it at 11. Will write my TripAdvisor review shortly. So now back and writing things. Think I will have a bath, a glass of wine and then bed, as it’s now midnight.

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