So destined to be single, is that such a bad thing?

So I’ve now been on my own again for just over two years. Well, not entirely on my own, I have the two dogs and three (will be two very shortly) lizards. Is it lonely? Well, no not really. If anything I’m busier than ever. I’m out socially three times a week, every week, with great friends who’ve been really there for me. I met them through ‘Pokemon Go’, if it wasn’t for that stupid game I don’t think I’d be here now.

So out three evenings a week, at the gym two evenings, one of them I also do my cleaning. The only time I do get to myself is one evening a week and part of the weekend. So I don’t really exactly have time for any kind of relationship, even if I wanted one, which I’m not entirely sure I do anymore.

I’ve had two one term relationships, last one lasted twelve years. We had a lot of fun, while it lasted, visited a lot of places had some good times. But now Jesus has taken over that one so that’s the end of it.

What do I miss? Oddly not much, that sounds bitter, but really it is true. I miss the companionship sometimes, but I’ve always been a bit of a loner anyway, always enjoyed just doing my own thing. I also don’t miss having to continuously clean up after someone, not have to hunt for stolen remote controls and hidden utensils.

What do I do with my one evening a week? Well, I try and do music things. It’s the first creative hobby I’ve really ever had, and I’m really enjoying it. From mixing and mastering other peoples work to writing my own music, it’s great fun, it’s something I think I now want to progress as a future career.

Basically I have a fun social life, great hobbies and now all the paperwork is settled, no immediate worries. I’ve got sex on tap with Grindr (one for another post). I’ve had two dates, to be honest I just didn’t fancy either of them. It was nice to have a meal eat, or even watch a movie in, but I didn’t feel like I wanted to shack up with them or have any kind of relationship.

I’m on three dating sites, but to be honest I’m just not bothered anymore. I think I’m actually happy where I am, plus its nice having the whole couch to yourself, okay, a third, Dillon the dog likes to spread out….