That’s the pile for work clothes, that’s the pile for hoodies and that’s the pile for fancy dress

So I got, almost on time. Started work, almost on time. Took a little while to get into it, with it being a Monday.

Walked the dog. It was raining and miserable, the dog really wasn’t into it and had to almost drag her round. Came back did more work.

It was 5PM. Jamie was still in bed. He eventually got up. I’ve been moaning to him about sorting out his clothes in the wardrobe. He made a start. I came in the bedroom later, he said he had a pile for work clothes, a pile of t-shirts, one for hoodies and one for fancy dress. He probably could do with one for man bags as well.

Went to body combat, worked hard at that, almost broke into a sweat. Came back, did more work. Sat down and caught up with some telly. Ate cake, didn’t drink anything. Time for bed. Hopefully no rain tomorrow so I can go running.

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