We ain’t at R&J’s anymore

Spent most of the work day waiting for data to build and by the end of it I’m not sure it’s all working. Got an email back from Amazon lady, have a call planned later in the week. Walked Sasha in light and annoying drizzle. Walked to the gym, did Combat. Spoke to my sister afterwards about our impending Ibiza trip. When talking about clubs I said, ‘It depends how much EDM you can handle’, to which I got the reply, ‘I don’t take anything like that’. I was somewhat amused and had to explain what EDM was, I have the feeling ‘trance’ and ‘progressive’ will come across with the same bemused expression. I need to do some more research, I’ve never found anything quite so imbalanced as reviews of anything remotely balearic. I think we’ll end up somewhere to the side of the main town. One thing there does seem to be an abundance of though is fantastic restaurants, so I’m sure we’ll look like a fucking sea-bass by the end of the week.

One thought on “We ain’t at R&J’s anymore

  1. Told Shaun and Dan about the EDM comment. Neither knew what it was! I’m not the only one nah! lol can’t we just go to an old fashioned Disco and strut our stuff to the Bee Gees? No! Oh well EDM with my earplugs on then. … seriously, can’t wait x

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