And then it snowed some more

So finished off what I was doing, checked it all in. Now back to mobile. An interesting task ahead, not that I managed to get a great deal of it done today, hopefully get a bit more stuck into it tomorrow. At the moment just getting rather pissed off with the weather. Did manage to go out for a run lunchtime without slipping over.

Jamie took the dog out this evening, she did a bit of a runner and pulled him over, so walk over in five minutes, plus she’s going to be a bit screwed tomorrow as well as it’s still snowing now, so I don’t really fancy taking her to day car at 6:30 in the morning at minus 4.

In other news, I played with the heating. Again the lock shields are almost closed, but I’ve turned down the pump and the boiler appears to be modulating correctly. I’ve done four radiators and bled everything again. I had it cranked up full earlier, it was like a sauna in here but I did get superb flow and return temperatures at the boiler, so I know I’m actually getting somewhere this time.

Just watched ‘Up’, really enjoyed it actually, that old man reminds me of me.

Oh talking of being bitter and twisted, I’ve decided what I’m doing for my 50th. Putting a few people in prison. Something to look forward to anyway.

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