The grain and the grape

So yesterday I did a lot of exercise. I mean a lot. Walked both dogs, walked into town which was around eight miles, then cycled ten miles and walked the dog again for a few more. All to build up my deficit. Then I ate very little and drank a lot. What’s more, I didn’t really enjoy it. I wish I’d stuck to the larger now as I didn’t really enjoy the wine. I think from now on I won’t mix, just stick to one or the other. I have wine for tonight, but not silly amounts, just as a depressant to slow my brain down a bit.

Everything has to be quantifiable

So had to give up on the lager thing, mainly as downing four cans just before you go to bed means you are up all night pissing. So back to wine, also wine is less calories. I am still off the cheese though. And with very strict calorie control the amount of booze has come down as well. Continuing to ‘Ebay my life’, with a few more sales this week. If I can shift four items a week I reckon a few years should clear everything.

Obnoxious twat

So this morning started early doors with a ride to the track where I spent most of the day doing a ‘First aid at work course’. Which was very good, I learnt CPR, the recovery position, pulled a babies head off etc.

Went home and walked the dogs. Then as I’d been sat on my arse most of the day I went for a very long walk. Now at one point I was crossing a very busy A road and a car turned right out of a traffic filter and came right at me, it was a green man, I hopped out of the way just iin time. This was directly outside a police station and there were several police cars in other lanes. She turned right into a one way system, the wrong way. Blue lights came on and he followed the car just over the junction and blocked it off before anyone came the other way. Now I do have a healthy dislike for the police, some can be quite nice, but most I’ve known or come across, think they are judge, jury and executioner and that they are way above everybody else. Case in point, I walked down towards the police car incase they’d like to speak to me, check I was alright or indeed take a statement. No, they were giving the occupants directions. Police bloke pokes his head out of the car looks at me and says, ‘yes?’. I said I was the one on the crossing at the time, he just said in a rather obnoxious manner, ‘We’ll deal with it from here thank you’, and just turned away. I just said, ‘Fine’ and walked away. Next time you bang on my door and ask me if I saw anyone vandalising the phone box across the road again, I’ll just reply, ‘I’m sure you can deal with it from here.’, and close the door. Twat.

Baby change facility

Yesterday I was in a strange building in a foreign land. There was a giant sign saying ‘Baby change facility’. Always wondered if you could take in a particularly ugly baby and exchange it for a prettier one. ‘Oh, but the ugly duckling turns into the beautiful swan’, ‘You’ve got no bloody chance love’.

Anyway, first appointment of the day was at the STI clinic, they sent me a text confirmation and everything, turned up, no record. Good to see they buggered it up again, same time next week it is.

Oddly the second appointment of the day which I was far more nervous about than getting stabbed several times with a needle went without a hitch. Straight in on time, took about three minutes and all over.

So did my first teaching today

Today was a real hash. For reasons I’m not going into I had to make a mad dash out and then an emergency appointment for tomorrow. All will become clear later, actually it’s just remove remove a bit of stress that could come laster. Anyway, this afternoon, little journey out to what turned out to be a nice lady to give an hours tutorial on Ableton. It was a success, well, I didn’t cock anything up. Weather she has learned anything or not is another matter, I think she found it all a bit overwhelming to be honest. Never mind, she’s paid, hopefully she’ll book again.

Tomorrow I have two appointments, the first one is at the STI clinic, it’s just a routine check, joys of being on PrEP, not that I’ve actually had much action recently.

First official night off the wine and cheese, fine so far, mind you I did end up working making up for lost time until almost the end of the day anyway.

Last of the winter wine

So now everything socially is out of the way, well apart from one outing I can concentrate on my diet. So this week I’ve bought no wine, well okay the house is full of it, but not the cheap shit I buy from Aldi to drink during the week. And also no more cheese. I’ve got pretty much bang on four weeks to lose around seven pounds, bit of a tall order but a lot of that at the moment is just bloat. So full on exercise and watch what I eat, more importantly watch what I drink. I log everything anyway just to terrify myself constantly. Banning booze completely I know doesn’t work. So I can drink what I like (which will be lager as, as I said, no wine and I don’t do spirits at home) providing I can leave a four hundred calorie deficit at the end of the day, there is already a two hundred calorie deficit in the app (MyFitnessPal) so with the six hundred total it should hammer through the weight. The exercise goals are never an issue, I’ve done over a thousand calories today alone. So I have half a bottle of wine and two slices of cheese left, when it’s gone, it’s gone. Lets see how it goes.

Excuse me sir, do you mind removing your head

So Friday at last minute (and due to a post by my ex. husband’s husband) I ended up booking a cheap ticket down at the Bristol Hippodrome for ‘The Wizard of Oz’. It was okay, ‘Wicked’ is far better, but the more annoying thing was that although I had a seat quite near the front in the stalls, in front was a giant bloke with a giant head. I spent the bulk of the time switching between looking one side of the other of it. Still not bad for thirteen quid.

Also I got my ‘birthday bus pass’ yesterday. Gives you free bus travel for the whole month, I like that.

So today I spent far too many hours charging up batteries and testing model helicopters. I’ve decided to sell the lot as they’ve just sat on a shelf for years gathering dust. They are quite cool, but harder to fly than the real thing (and yes I can fly the real thing). So I’m continuing to ‘eBay my life’. I have so much to get shot of and not really that long to do it in.

Thank you for finding my eight grand in your suspense account

So the weekend when I was doing the accounts I checked on my pension fund, I did an end of year payment back at the beginning of March. It was nowhere to be seen. I found the confirmation email so no it went through. Contacted Standard Life, to be fair they got back to me within a few working hours. Apparently it was in their ‘suspense account’ and will be applied as soon as possible I wrote back and said that it wasn’t really growing in a suspense account, I had a quick reply to say it would be backdated, we shall see.

In other news I’ve managed to get setup on the server and after buggering about with endless file permissions it’s produced a certificate. I need to play around with it a bit more as I’m not overlay happy at the moment, will have to probably run three cron’s, one for each web user and root to copy the certs to the correct place, will need to think on that one.

So ACME almost worked

So fiddling with ACME trying to get it to add the backup route, but annoyingly as the backup is a dynamic IP address it doesn’t exist as an A or a CNAME record, it therefore doesn’t recognise the domain name, tried a few aliases and stuff but it really wasn’t having it. I have a feeling actually it’s the webroot on the firewall which is the issue rather than the domain name itself. Still, it’s working with the primary domain name and it’s a free certificate which should hopefully renew itself, so fairly happy days.

In other happy days I paid my corporation tax, was unable to issue my final dividend as I’m waiting on one savings interest payment. I did though do a complete financial planning spreadsheet, it makes interesting reading, actually it doesn’t, but the results are interesting. It’s certainly something I’m going to be very mindful of.

Meanwhile, I wonder if I can use that ACME thing to generate certificates for my main server….