Am I using the internet to cruise porn? No, I’m looking at bathroom tiles

So today I was looking at improving Android processes. Mainly trying to ditch Cygwin as it’s incredibly slow. Found something that does work quite well and allows me to compile for Android from VC2010. Sample projects work wine, our own projects now build but I’m getting some weird link errors. Also had a good blast at trying to get the source debugger to work, now that’s a real shit. Will probably do battle with it again tomorrow.

The boiler man came, well the plumber man. Looks like he knows his stuff. Will wait for his quote, he’s also going to quote me on the bathroom.

Dogs annoying me, three days following she’s pissed on the floor over night.

Went to gym, ran for seventy two minutes. Now looking at sinks….may be some porn later. Oh yes, must write about that butt cheek incident soon…

And todays post is being typed using Ubuntu Desktop edition

It’s on here as it’s switched on and I can’t be arsed to fire up the main machine again.

Ok, so cleaning man came round this morning to give me a cleaning quote, walked round with a clipboard, that’s one step away from wearing a hi-viz. Ooo, firefox doesn’t seem to have a spell checker built in…ah it does, it just wasn’t set to the right language. Anyway, he came up with 2.3 hours and two cleaners (they always work in pairs, a bit like breasts). With the price they can do it once a fortnight and it better be bloody good.

Work wise, playing around with more Android stuff. Getting it set up on the Ubuntu box, there’s also a solution I’m looking into for dev studio as well.

Managed to find a reasonable Mini-ITX board that was display stock, so got it for £50. It’s dual core and apparently only needs about 20 watts. Hopefully it will fit and work in the old proxy case. I think I may have found another board also that would be good for pfSense, but one thing at a time.

Went to gym, did combat, ran for twenty seven minutes afterwards. Now I’m going to eat salad and watch the Indian Grand Prix. Man coming tomorrow to give me a quote for new boiler and doing the bathroom.

Time to say goodbye….

You’ve been with me for a long time. Many years. I think since I was about twenty. I’m sure you once belonged to my sister, until I stole you for my own. There was one before you, but that was taken from me (actually by the friend who turned up in yesterdays dream, not Keith Lemon, the other one, may be it was a omen). We’ve been together for twenty years, every morning you’ve been faithfully there, only once or twice have I ever forgotten you, but you’ve never complained. You’ve seen bits of me that I’ve never even seen. But the years have rolled on and age has finally taken it’s toll. Your once vibrant colour has faded and replaced by blackness, where you were once a perfect round you’re now just a strange shaped blob. There will be no funeral, no big send off, no flowers. Even after all this time together your fate is to be cast out to a great landfill site where you will continue to rot to nothing more. I therefore give you one final solute and bid you goodbye forever, I will miss you little red sponge.

Actually on yesterdays entry I was somewhat incorrect. During dinner Jamie did consume a bottle of Smirnoff Ice, now he handles alcohol as well as Jimmy Savile handles a twelve year old, so after being in bed for an hour catching up with the X-Factor we had a bit of a session which was nice. Anyway woke up this morning, let the dog out for a piss (she already decided during the night that she needed one and probably failed to wake us so there was a nice puddle by the kitchen bin). Had breakfast. Then I was still feeling rather horny. I tried pressing various buttons and prodding things but I think I would have got more response from a British Gas customer care line. Now dear reader you’re going to have to start commenting on posts if you want to know more, it’s all a bit silent in here.

So I got up and continued with my cleaning quest. I spent the next five hours cleaning the on-suite and the bedroom window. It’s sparkling. I even got the brown stuff (unknown) out of the bathroom carpet. We then went to the Toby Carvery, which was fine except the service was abysmally slow. I then came back and cleaned the kitchen, hoovered all of downstairs again and washed the floor. Jamie’s now taken the dog out for a walk, so when he comes back he can wash the floor again. I’m going to have a bath, it is a Sunday after all.

Got some results in from the electric power meter thing. Basically, servers are bloody expensive so need to replace them with much lower power machines. Yearly costs: Beer fridge £17.52, Wine fridge £26.07, Server £122.68, pfSense £131.89. So that’s £250 a year to keep, and all my email and internet connections flowing. I reckon that’s about £200 quid too much. So I think it’s time to build some ITX boxes to cut that down to something sensible.

And then the ‘Keith Lemon’ lookalike shoved a spunk covered tissue into my ear

So woke up far too early, let the dog out for a piss then went back to bed. Jamie is on earlies so he buggered off. Got up again, fed dog and had breakfast, still didn’t feel like getting up so went back to sleep. Now what normally happens when I do this is that I enter REM sleep in about 3 seconds. This is what happened.

So I’m in a club in Shinjuku in Japan. I’m with an old friend of mine who’s in a wheel chair (he’s always been in a wheel chair, he didn’t go para just for a bit of artistic license by my mind). Also I’m with this guy who I can only describe as a ‘Keith Lemon’ lookalike. No idea who the hell he was. Anyway for some reason we are all in a bed (in the side of a club, I know, stick with it). He’s having a tamper with this middle aged women who has no hair on her minge. He keeps playing with his willy and moaning to me about it’s his age that he can no longer get hard. Mean while I have a stiffy just to annoy him. This women then goes down on him under the covers. I look over to my left and my disabled friend is giving his misses one. Next thing I know is Keith is then shoving a spunk filled tissue into my ear. Then suddenly we are all sitting now at the back of this club, and ‘Girls Aloud’ turn up and sit on a table in the corner. The ginger one comes up to me and starts talking about breasts. I then say that ‘mine jangle as well, but it’s ok as I have my new bra on’. She then tells me that I’m a nice guy and then they all bugger off. I’m now sat alone at the back of the club with my trousers round my ankles, I roll then up to find they are on backwards. I wake up. I take the dog out for a walk. Now Dr. Ruth Westheimer, good bless her little communist sole would say of course ‘It’s lack of sex’. She’s probably right.

Came back and did the shopping. Jamie hadn’t given me his shopping list, which is good for two reasons, one it was only thity seven quid and two he won’t get fat(er).

I walked into town, with it being close to Halloween it was covered in the undead. Now I’ve lived and worked in Bristol for forty years, a man walking round with no head and blood squirting from his neck is really nothing out of the ordinary here. The most hideous sight I saw was a teenager with long greasy hair and horrendous acne, he wasn’t dressed up for Halloween, he was just fucking ugly.

Came back. Jamie was asleep on the bed. I asked him to change the bed, which now at ten fifteen he still hasn’t done. I spent two hours hoovering and cleaning the kitchen, I then did all the accounts and shortly I will cook dinner. Then I will go to bed and fail to have sex.

Lets have fun with British Gas ‘advisers’, I’ll win

Ok, so back doing mobile game AI and a few things to do with line of sight. Nothing exciting. Anyway, had a response for the boiler fitting job from a chap in Cardiff, did lots of research, he has a good profile and feedback. He’s going to pop in next week and have a look. I know there are certain things that will need altering, the gas pipe is the wrong diameter for a start, the boiler will also need moving to a different wall due to the vent, it needs wiring for the pump overrun…I did my research and I can smell bullshit from a mile away. Also getting him to give me a quote for the bathroom update.

Bought a carpet shampooer and hand steamer, it was Groupon, I was in the right mood, and it will look good sat in the box when I Ebay it in a few years time.

On the subject of ‘free no obligation quotations’, I decided to let British Gas give me a quote. Booked in for 7th November. Did my research on them as well, found some job ads for ‘advisers’, ‘high pressure sales environment’, ‘commission based’. I love dealing with these type of people, I give them 30 minutes want the quote written down and say it’s completely non-negotiable, if they phone or call again and say they can give me ‘special offers’ it void’s their quote, if they say they give me a discount if I sign today, it voids their quote. If they say I can sleep with their brother, then may be there’s some room for discussion. I like sales people who turn up, quote for the job and then fuck off. They are the ones I buy from every time. Mr. Wall insulation bloke, turned up, did the quote, was quite open when I asked him who he got his money from (commission from the products) and fucked off. He got his commission. Then you get the other turned up to look at fuse box, talked for 29 minutes about how I need a re-wire as everything was too old. He didn’t get to the half hour mark due to me starting to play with kitchen knifes and asking him to leave. Incidentally I found a brilliant electrician afterwards ‘Automation Electric’, Paul Hayes, fantastic chap “Automation Electric”. Then there was ‘Anglian Windows’…back in the old house. They rang up on the morning of the appointment and asked ‘will the main decision maker and bill payer be present’, to which I answered, ‘yes, but if you think I’m going to listen to three hours of high pressure sales and be expected to sign immediately then don’t bother’. He did the decent thing and didn’t turn up…

Also got another quote on Monday from a cleaning company, I have a feeling they are going to be very expensive. I got their number from a van that is on my dog walk route, it’s there every Friday, at least I know they turn up.

Right enough waffle. Bath time. Jamie is going to buy me a pizza from the new ‘Domino’s’ place.

So the beer fridge costs £17 a year to run

So it was back on to the mobile game (as yet still undisclosed title, well I know what it is, and it’s quite a big one). Sorted out a few issues with quad trees that I’d over looked and fed them back into the audio lib. Then sorted out some AI issues, probably another couple of days of work for me to put into it. Until the next 40 page game play report arrives.

Jamie was off today so didn’t get out of bed until I came back from taking the dog for a walk, which was the middle of the afternoon. Had an email from ‘Heatteam’, who apologised for being complete cocks and said they can book me into a Saturday when I’m busy. They can come on the 1st of November and then quite frankly fuck off, I’ll cancel the contract as it’s far cheaper elsewhere. I’m tempted to just get the boiler changed as it’s 18 years old and unlike most 18 year olds, this ones a bit of a munter. Any one any boiler fitters who don’t take the piss? I don’t want a power flush or a magnaclense, just change the fucking boiler and vanish.

Went to the gym, ran for seventy minutes. Ate salad. Now watching the choir thing with Gareth Malone. I think if I met him I’d have to punch him first then buy him a beer. It’s torture porn night.

Oh, I’ve now got this gadget which plugs in and measures power usage, so I’m going to measure everything and produce a spread sheet. So far the beer fridge has been measured and costs about 17 quid a year. I’ll live with that. The wine fridge is up next, anything under a hundred and that stays. If Jamie consumes more than a fiver he will have to go. Also need someone who tiles bathrooms.

BDRThermea and Domestic and General, today’s people who’ve pissed me off

Started with upgrading Perforce integration, and for once it worked and didn’t cause major problems. Then it was events, not the gig kind but the trigger-able kind. So added time outs and manual resets to them. For once the POSIX version wasn’t too much of a pain in the ass, but iOS of course has to be awkward so that had to convert from micro seconds to nano seconds just for the fun of it. Still all worked in the end. So made all my command queues use events, that all worked fine. Then had to do some header stripping and odd things to do with compiling without codec’s. Fixed a couple of odd bugs.

Had a phone call from Domestic and General from a person I could barely understand, asking me to contact BDRThermea about my complain about the boiler servicing. So he gave me the email address, to which I’ve now forwarded. I’m none to thrilled as Domestic and General being their agent they should really sort the problem out. So looking forward to a small war on that one.

Went to gym quite late so only did fifty four minutes. Walked the dog (that was lunch time, but who said anything about this ever being chronological). Now I’m finishing work at about eleven thirty so must be time for salad. More fun things to work on tomorrow.

Android and Eclipse, you are wank

So today’s challenge was to get the Android dev back up and running. Problem being last time I installed it was over a year ago so everything has moved on a bit in terms of version numbers. Android NDK was fine, Cygwin wanted to install about 45 gigs of crap including Apache so that needed a good talking to. Then Eclipse, what a pile of wank. All it ever does is want to restart and clean and build and clean and build and still come up with countless errors. By the end of the day I did manage to get it all to build. Well got it to build Beaver, then eventually got it to build the audio test example. Found a couple of Android specific bugs in it so finally got that sorted. Did find I need to do a couple of extras though to properly compile out the codecs if required.

We can apparently start on the mobile game we were doing again, I got as far as making it compile with the current libs. I guess I better get on with that at some point.

Walked the dog. Went to the gym, ran for sixty eight minutes. Bought cheese, ate cheese, also bought crackers. Had salad, may have crackers, may not.

And don’t talk to me about cleaners….lets just say that’s another one gone before even starting, that must be a new record.

Audio is finally all done

So today I had a few bits to tidy up on the audio lib and basically got them all done. Sorted out the new sample code test suite, fixed everything up on iOS, that’s basically it. So next it’s on to network libs.

Can’t really say anything interesting happened at all today. Weather was drizzly and dull, neither the dog or I could really be arsed to walk to long in it, we kind of went through the motions but I think both our minds were elsewhere.

New little carpet sweeper thing arrived, it’s quite cute.

Went to gym, did combat, then ran another few miles afterwards. Off to poo pills now so turds should turn back to normal, at the moment I’m firing out canon ball style peas from last nights dinner.

Added a few more movie reviews of stuff I watched last week, some good, some just bloody awful. “DIE” “The Collapsed” “Quarantine”

So now it’s time to do the dishes and eat salad. Oh, no cheese. New cleaner (well hopefully new cleaner) is going to visit tomorrow, she apparently only drinks decaf coffee though, so could be strange.

This morning we performed ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’. My ‘Puck’ was fantastic up against Jamie’s ‘Bottom’.

So got up. In more ways than one. But had a coffee first. Oh I had breakfast before that and let the dog out for a pee. Anyway, started on the first manly task of the day, the gardening. So shoveled in a bit more soil and then completely cleared up the patio side of all the overhanging branches and all the crap growing up between the paving slabs. So two and a half hours of that. Oh, had to take the dog out for a quick spin first as she wouldn’t leave me alone.

Had lunch. It’s Sunday, I had eggs.

Then started on the second task of the day which was the continuation of the bathroom cleaning. So wiped off all the remaining mold off the ceiling and around the windows then sealed it all with some spray stuff. Let that dry while I washed down all the walls, door and skirting boards. I then painted the ceiling and the window sides, no mold to be seen anymore. So then got through half a bottle of Domestos cleaning the tiles. I must admit I made a pretty good job of it, the grout has now gone back to white in most places. I think it could probably do with a few more sessions, but not bad. Then hoovered it all. So that was three hours of bathroom cleaning.

Then looked at the new electric bill. Apparently I’m using 33% more electric a day than I was last year over the previous three months. So need to see where the power is going, it’s either the wine and beer fridges or the two PC’s jammed into the server cabinet. So I’ve ordered one of those plug in power monitor thingies to see where it’s all going. I think at the end of the day I’ll just blame it on Jamie and demand more money from him.

So that’s it for another day, but at least I got a few decent things done, it’s been a while since I’ve had a good DIY day. Listened to Kraftwerk while cleaning, kind of correct sort of music for it. Anyway, already on the wine, now time for a bath and then X-Factor no doubt.