Apple iOS provisioning portal, how I’ve missed you

Woke up very early and took the dog to day care. Tidied up some scaling issues on the game I’m working on. Then zapped it across to the iMac and got it running on iPad and iPhone5. Then attempted to build an ad-hoc version, which requires doing battle with the iOS provisioning portal. Which it’s entire purpose in life is just to irritate the shit out of people, it succeeded. Anyway, finally got a test flight build to build, so need to wait on feedback before I do any more on that.

Did a couple of audio library tweaks for a few odd bugs that have been found. Picked up the dog. She is now suitably tired.

Jamie is in EuroDisney or whatever it’s called these days, keeps posting Facebook photo’s or castles and giant burgers, couldn’t he find a salad?

I ran lunchtime, so basically have the entire evening to myself. Good excuse for a bath me thinks. May be a glass of wine or two.

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