So 48 hours until I issue a summons

So started just before mid-day. Hey I was up half the night debugging, then other half of the night I was getting hammered after spending half the night debugging. Had another GPU bug, thankfully it also happened on DX11 so passed it on to someone else. Did some fun optimisations on memory copying. Then started on splitting up an environment map.

Walked Sasha, Dillon hid under the bed. Finished at about half five. Went to Spin. Came back and did about another half hour. Then I carried on editing the second USA road trip video. How the hell I’m going to do them live from the trip I don’t know. It takes around ten hours to get ten minutes worth of video and that’s if all the sound and colour are balanced and there are no effects to add. That helicopter music video I did took the best part of twenty hours. But was on Radio 1.

So tomorrow I’ve got one big task I need to do plus a small SDK update. Next week will be a bit of a biggie I think, Anti-aliasing.

Got flying on Saturday. If I die the game will ship with lots of Jaggies. (Google MSAA if you haven’t got a clue what I’m talking about.)

So to recap, there’s a new video coming out hopefully tomorrow, then another one about mid next week. We’ll also hopefully be filming a new one next Wednesday, which isn’t anything to do with the trip, but will involve a lot of plasticine.

I’m now about to watch a film with Jamie Campbell Bower in, mainly because it has Jamie Campbell Bower in with very few clothes on.

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