A tiring frustrating day

Didn’t sleep well again last night. So woke up feeling tired, again. Started with being informed about some crash bug. Sorted that. Then wasted about half a day trying to sort something that just wasn’t actually doable. Was finishing off then found another two bugs, both are rather strange, but aren’t fixed. I also need to look at a speed issue as the frame rate has dropped by half.

Felt tired, but went to the gym anyway. Managed almost a full session on the cross-trainer. Came back and did some video editing, not happy with the way it was going so stopped for the moment. It is rather funny though. I may split it into two and do an ‘out-takes’ video as well. I did manage to get most of the audio synced though between the DSLR using the R0de Video Mic Pro and the Tascam DR-05. Needs lots of work though, forty-five minutes long, needs to be about twelve at the absolute max.

Sat down and watched some telly. Will have an early night again tonight and try and get some sleep. Dillon is at daycare tomorrow. Need to have a good run at work as well, will be nice to get those two bugs out of the way by mid-day and then this optimisation thing in the afternoon.

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