And then a cheque arrives

This morning started with breakfast about fifteen minutes too late. By the time I got up I had about thirty five minutes to get to Staverton which was at least a forty minute drive away. I thought I’d try out the new sat-nav, which like all it’s predecessors didn’t have a clue about Gloucester airport. Not like it hasn’t been there since the second world war. Got there about five minutes late, James was rabbiting to someone so didn’t matter. I went for a pee then settled in charlie-delta. Did all the pre-flight, James jumped in, I fired her up. Bit windy today, airport was really busy though. We were burning off eight gallons an hour just sat there waiting for clearance. Eventually we took off to the north and did a few 3,000 feet auto-rotations. James made great light of the fact that we were, ‘only descending at 18 miles an hour’, which is still a bit quick to hit the deck at. We did about three auto-rotations and then went back to circuits. I nailed one on to Yankee perfectly. Did another one on to the runway, then completely cocked up the last one. Overall, had a great flight.

Meandered back home. Then I got a bit of a shock, there was a cheque for thirty-two quid. Now Im not going to go into this more until it’s cashed and hasn’t bounced, which I highly suspect it will. But at the end of the day, I managed to get one-up on a bunch of money grabbing pass-off bastards.

Had lunch. Then as it was nice day I took the dogs on a nice jaunt. We were out for a few hours, they had a good tun round. Came back and finished editing the latest part in the great USA road trip series. Did the accounts. Then when Jamie came home we went to the Italian. I had an amazing Sea Bass dish. See it comes to something where I’m prepared to sue someone for £32 quid, yet spend £85 on dinner. It’s all about the principal.

Tomorrow we are going to Jamie’s mothers for mothers day. I’m sure it will be delightful.

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