So 24 hours to go, I think they think I’m bluffing, I don’t do that

So today started actually quite well. I was working on splitting up a render task into multiple threads, it was fairly straightforward and worked first time. Which considering what a shite week it’s been was very nice.

Went to the gym and did Pump with Laverne. Afterwards we did are usual PT sessions, she keeps saying ‘wow, your getting really strong’. Massive arms, massive belly. Got some petrol, managed to get 12p off a litre which isn’t bad. When I came back Jamie was in the bath. I finished off a few things then joined him. We had a bit of an Archimedes problem, but Dillon was there to lap up the bubbles. We did adult things, Dillon was in the room but I don’t think he’s been scared.

Time for pizza. Flying tomorrow morning. Issuing summons in the afternoon, should be a fun day.

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