So my mother suddenly likes Fleetwood Mac

I woke up this morning after having a very vivid conversation with my mother about Stevie Nicks’ substance abuse issues. Which is odd as I’m not sure my mother had ever heard of Fleetwood Mac.

Work was hell. No shaders in sight. Today was all about srgb. That’s gamma correction. You want to know more? Okay, well you did ask. So normal diffuse textures are saved out as sRGB, that is they are gamma corrected. So when you sample them in the shader you reverse the process and turn sRGB back to linear. Now my concern was that all dds textures were being converted to sRGB. Normal maps are however linear, not sRGB encoded. Now the fun comes that the texture converter de-gamma’s a non sRGB texture, does bugger all to it and then re-gamma’s it again but sets the format to sRGB. This is then sampled as linear, but the header takes priority so its actually reading it as sRGB when it’s linear. And you think I have it easy?

This morning while I was waiting for shaders to build I did finish the first edit on my new video though. Hopefully get that finished tomorrow.

My new mini audio recorder arrived as well, so hopefully I can get really good sound on the next one.

Went to Pump. Afterwards had a really good session with Laverne. We went to the downstairs gym after pump as it had heavier weights. I surprised myself and her by doing arm exercises with 16Kg bells. I reckon I could do 18Kg now. Not bad considering I was really struggling with 12Kg a month or so a go. So these after class sessions are really working out for me. We then went upstairs and did some TRX work (basically adult bondage). Came back and did more bloody work. I’ve done far too many hours this week. Next week I may take a few mornings off to catch up with some personal stuff.

One thing I forgot to mention yesterday. Me and Dill’s were watching a programme about dangerous dogs. Lots of Staffie’s. He went into cat mode and hid behind me on top of the couch. There was a very sad bit at the end where they said “These are the lucky ones, every year 10,000 dogs are put down”. There then followed an image of a perfectly nice looking medium dog being taken out of it’s kennel, tail wagging. The next thing you see is a vet with a stethoscope seeing if it’s heart has stopped. Please, if you are thinking of getting a dog or a cat (they are far cheaper to run than children) then go to your local animal shelter. Don’t fund puppy farmers, or people who flog puppies down the pub. There are just far too many abandoned animals. Remember, a dog or a cat is only a small portion of your lifetime, but to them you are the whole of their lifetime.

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