I’m still a laminate flooring God

So woke up this morning after a number of disturbing dreams. Can’t remember any of them, but I know since I’ve ceased med’s my brain is all over the place. Had breakfast, Jamie gave me coffee in a wine glass as we were out of mugs. Finally got up. Took the the bloody washing machine out again. Then got the new saw out. Cut off about 30mm in front of the washing machine. Then started getting on with the serious sawing. I ended up replacing five sections of laminate. It’s actually quite a challenge, because they are all tongue and grooved, so you have to be quite creative with a chisel and wood glue. I did a bit more trim around the edge as well. Basically I did an eight hour day, replacing damage caused by Jamie. What doesn’t kill us, just fucks our knees.

Had a bath. Drank vast quantities of wine. Need to cook food. Got a full week of complex work to look forward to. At least it doesn’t involve wood glue.

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