Is it wrong to grunt in front of a short woman while pulling a face?

Had a bit of a lie in this morning, it was needed. Another week where I did far more work hours than I planned. I do get well paid for it, but now and then you just want to enjoy a bit of time off. So I had a lie in with Dill’s. Sasha was on the landing, she was quite happy, looking forward to breakfast. We all got up, had a pee, then had breakfast. I read the paper then went back to sleep. Some bastard stole my USB cable, I was walking round the office trying to find it. My mind works in mysterious ways. Spent a couple of hours editing a video on the iMac. I walked Sasha, had a light lunch then headed out. Went to B&Q and picked up a couple of bits, then to the reptile shop and got some crickets. I then parked up in Cotham and walked into down. Purchased nothing. Came back home. Did battle with the iMac trying to upload a video.

Decided then to do ‘The Great USA road trip Part 2’ video with Jamie. So we shot that while lying on the bed. It’ll be a while before that one’s edited. Part one is only just processing on YouTube. Did the accounts. Jamie decided he didn’t want Fajita’s so we’ve ordered Indian.

Forgot to mention that yesterday I managed to get ‘Having an existential crises’ into a work forum post, which I was quite proud of. Also, yesterday I did Pump at the gym followed by a really good session with Laverne. Is it wrong to enjoy almost passing out lifting half my bodyweight while grunting into a mirror? I actually really enjoyed it, I think it’s called endorphins. This morning I felt really wide and pumped up. I’m actually really enjoying these extra sessions, my upper body is almost something I’m proud of.

Now a difficult one. It’s coming up to my birthday. That I don’t have a problem with. But four days before is mothers birthday. (We will forget mothers day, which I’ve always consider a bunch of bullshit invented by the card industry anyway). Now traditionally we would go to bingo and then to the Indian (For some reason she actually thinks I kind of enjoy this, maybe back when I was going through a very confusing state of denial after breaking up with Nat it made sense, but now it just seems to be the worst possible thing on earth). Now, I’m still up for doing this. I’m quite happy to pay for everything, all she has to do is pick me up and drop me back. That’s actually not all. She has to keep her bloody mouth shut. If she can go the entire evening without talking about money, lack of it, bit’s that need doing or repairing, parts of either herself or her car falling apart or QVC then I may actually enjoy it. I have a feeling though that although she hasn’t bought a been off QVC for over a month now, she will revert to form and I’ll go back to despising her with a vengeance. Mind you, if she can’t talk about those things then what will she talk about? God she may have to listen to me, that’ll be hell for her for sure.

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