Android atomics

So today I was looking at the atomic problem again which I spotted yesterday. I traced it in the end on the PC version, it was due to a unsigned int32 being shifted right 32 times, which I would have thought would have made it 0, on PC it doesn’t it seems to shift by the modulo of 32, so 33 would shift 1 etc. After 25 years I still get the odd annoying surprise. Then it was back on to Android, which has no 64 bit atomics. Found a nice big bug in my emulation for them which wasn’t locking the atomic properly. That’s now all working on Android but I want to play around with spinlocks a bit more as it’s a little bit thread happy.

Good news on the mobile game front, it’s been set as ‘ready to publish’, which means it’s been approved by Apple, the only thing stopping it from appearing on the app store is pressing a button and a large room full of lawyers. Wait until Friday then I’ll finally announce what it is.

Walked the dog, went to the gym. She’s off to doggy day care tomorrow. Cleaners coming tomorrow.

Then spent a bit of time pissing around with my favourite subject, pfSense. Jamie was trying to connect 360 to XBox live, of course it’s set to strict NAT. I did try and set it upo for UPNP, it managed to open one port and passed the tests but failed to work correctly. In the end I just set it up with it’s own IP address which worked, but I do really need to revisit it again at some point.

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