The 5:30AM Sausage Roll incident

So today was spent finishing off testing Android atomics, then creating Android projects for a couple of our other games. This actually was all fairly successful. Had to do a couple of Android changes on one of the games, nothing major.

Walked the dog, she’s always so much easier to walk for a couple of days after she’s been to day care.

Had an odd occurrence this morning, woke up at 5:30, couldn’t get back to sleep. Was too hungry, so let the dog out for a pee then grabbed a sausage roll. Then went back to sleep, no problem. So there we go folks, the cure for insomnia is pork based products.

Got a few more Android bits to do tomorrow, then need to do a bit of research into probability.

Went to the gym, ran, exciting isn’t it. Ate salad (with sausage roll). It’s torture porn night, so will have a glass of wine later. I think the mobile game is announced tomorrow.

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