All hail Germolene

So up at the crack of dawn and took the dog to day care. Actually worked out the short route was about twice as long as the long route. Anyway, she was very excited, I was very tired so went back to bed.

Working on Android atomics again. This time I did a bit of research and found that since Arm6K there were indeed 64 bit atomic operations. The problem being that they are not really exposed in GCC and definitely not in the NDK. So out with the ARM manual then out with the GCC manual, as I’d forgotten how to do the inline format. Surprisingly easy to get to grips with. Anyway we now have 64 bit atomics for Android. Move on.

Need to decide what I want to do next after I’ve now finished the main mobile game. I’ve been offered something that may not initially sound interesting, but looking at the tech involved there’s some very interesting stuff there. Anyway, as normal, certainly can’t discuss any specifics.

Put some screws in the bloody mini trunking as I got pissed off with the weight of the cable pulling it off the wall.

This lunchtime I ran, actually enjoyed it, haven’t done cross country in a long time. It was cold, but it was fun.

This morning I was invaded by no less than three cleaners, they came they saw, they almost forgot to empty the bins. No other complaints though.

No response from Paul, so I’ll probably just do the overrun cable myself over the weekend. It’s not creating a new circuit anyway. I texted the boiler man, he’s nowhere to be found either.

So today was another fasting day. Very little modifications to standard diet, except no wine, or sausage roll.

Talking of wine, my decent expensive stuff turned up today. My wine fridge now contains more value than the contents of Jamie’s pants.

So tomorrow is more finishing off stuff and a bit of game design. Back to the gym (Didn’t feel the need to go tonight, due to running), back to dog walking. She really is tired when she comes back, she even fell asleep in the car on the way home.

Oh yes, Germolene. The nose problem I had, been blasting up some of it over the last couple of days, now I’m pleased to say I think it’s fully healed.

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