Doggy day care via Venice

The dog actually woke up at about 6:15, so beat the alarm by 15 minutes. She went out and had a poo and got very excited that I poured her breakfast out. Then she annoyed me continuously while I was trying to get dressed. We got in the car be 6:45 and were there by 7. The back road was bloody awful but no sign of massive flooding. Back in bed by 7:15.

Spent the day working on Android debugging with GDB. I now have a batch file which is created during the build stage, which when I run starts up the debugger with full source debugging. So pretty good in the end. Tried a few graphical front ends for GDB, but can’t really get any of them to work reliably.

Lunchtime I went out and ran, which was a first for a hell of along time. All of the nature reserve was flooded up to about 4 feet high. Before I knew it (and after having lunch, it’s a no bread day again today), it was time to pick the dog up. I left at 16:15, by 16:30 I already turned back at the end of the main road due to traffic. By 16:45 I’d turned back again as the back road was now completely flooded. Then sat and queued on the roundabout for what seemed like hours. Finally got there and picked the dog up. Thought I’d avoid the motorway junction by going via Iron Acton, that bit was fine, then joined another queue and then another one. Then got back into Bradley Stoke, had to go from one end to the other in more stop start. Finally got home at 17:50. That’s a journey I won’t forget in a hurry and certainly don’t wish to repeat.

Went to the gym after doing a re-check, quite an odd one that. Then had to spend the evening catching up with work. It’s now midnight and I haven’t even eaten yet. So time for salad with no sausage roll….

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