Live fast and die hungry

Started the day with fixing an annoying issue with WAV files. It’s a RIFF file format so the data chunk can be anywhere. The normal thing with WAV files is that you can load the first 128 bytes or so and find everything useful in that. Al of course managed to find a WAV file that contains a nice load of meta data right at the beginning which buggers all that up. So fixed that.

Then started tracing into an issue on Android, I spent many hours convinced it was a problem with string processing but after much digging it’s actually the command queue running out of reservation slots. This is a bit of an odd one as it can only really be added to in two places so it would have to have some seriously odd thread behavior to cause this problem. I’m suspecting some seriously odd thread behavior.

Walked the dog, weather was actually fairly pleasant considering. Went to gym and did combat.

Now this is week two of this fasting test thing. Friday of course got cocked up due to stupid traffic levels so I missed pump. But by this morning my weight had returned to what it was last weekend plus a pound. So basically gained weight. I’ll give it another go this week and monitor it. Today is one of the fasting days, missed bread out of lunchtime sandwich and I’ll miss the sausage roll out of my salad. I have worked out though that I can squeeze in a banana (no sniggering). The only thing I’ve achieved so far though is to become hungry. You may well live longer, but whats the point when you’re starving. So tomorrow I’ll eat the same as today, except for the bread and the sausage roll. I think I’ve got some fruit cake as well. Then Wednesday will be fast day again and Thursday will be a repeat of Tuesday, except that it’s torture porn night, so cheese & biscuits and wine. Exercise wise I will try and keep a fairly constant 600 calories, so on fast days it will exactly cancel out the food intake.

Ever since I bleached the bathroom tiles weeks ago, my nose has been sore and won’t heal, I’ve now resorted to jamming Germaline up it, so now have pink splodge dripping out of it.

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