Zombie zombie zombie

So spent this morning with quite a hang over. This again is probably due to eating cheese rolls, every time I eat them I get a bad head.

Worked on Android again, file system on Android is a bit odd, all your assets are inside a pak file (which is basically a zip), but we happen to use pak files as well, so you end up with a zip inside a zip which isn’t really a very good idea if you want anything to load within the same decade it started. So now I’m doing a little tool that will take our assets and then unpack the pak file and just put the loose contents in, so just a posh copy.

Walked the dog. Moved the cleaners. Well, not physically, just changed the day so they don’t clash with the new boiler fitting. Went to the gym. Front grill thing on car appears to be loose, like me it’s falling apart, but unlike me it’s only three years old.

The mobile game is out. I don’t want to mix work with personal stuff, I know I babble on about what I’ve been doing during the day, but I do keep it very abstract, I never go into any details for obvious reasons. If you like comics and a certain TV series then you can probably figure it out. It’s had all good reviews so far too…

Time for a bath and may be another hangover in celebration.

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