Holly Hedge

Here’s a really sweet video for Holly Hedge animal sanctuary.

Holly Hedge Animal Sanctuary

Most of today was taken up with finishing off the Android unity files and iOS/Windows PCH for the audiolib. Fixed a couple of other bits along the way.

Walked the dog, she was quite well behaved. Did the washing. Attempted to go to the gym for pump, but failed just at the end of the road as the traffic was backed up everywhere. It appears the M5 was shut due to an overturned lorry and they were diverting all traffic through Bradley Stoke to head to the M32. Cheers. So gave up and came home and finished off my work. The advantage now being that I’ve actually finished by 10 and not 11 ish. Oh well, time for a bath and Friday night wine. Jamie’s buying me pizza tonight. I’m having a ‘Sizzler’, yes I am feeling okay. Tomorrow I’m going washing machine shopping with mother, that will be thrilling.

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