Rain, Rain, ah just fuck off

Started the day with the news that the mobile game has finally been submitted to Apple. Hopefully be released December 2nd. Fixed an oversight in the audiolib, oversight being that I completely forgot to write a big chunk of code. Then I was working on the Android build tool chain, I think I’ve gone about as far with that as I can, so just need to sort it in all the configs now.

Al asked me to put pre-compiled headers into the audiolib, which is fine, except it’s not a five minute task, 3 hours later and I’m still at it, never mind, gives me a bit of a purpose for tomorrow.

Caught up with my radio consumption for the week, just some serious bangy Dance to get through now. Electrical stuff has turned up for the heating, so now have a queue of jobs for the weekend. Heating electrics, drain unblocking and radiator balancing. Oh, I get all the fucking fun jobs. I’m sure Jamie has some important fapping to do.

Walked the dog, wet route as it was blowing a gale and spitting with rain, which was about as good as it got all day. Went to the gym, ran. Did a home check for a kitten. Ate, caught up with a bit of telly. Now I think I’m going to have a glass of wine and watch some torture porn.

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