This morning we performed ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’. My ‘Puck’ was fantastic up against Jamie’s ‘Bottom’.

So got up. In more ways than one. But had a coffee first. Oh I had breakfast before that and let the dog out for a pee. Anyway, started on the first manly task of the day, the gardening. So shoveled in a bit more soil and then completely cleared up the patio side of all the overhanging branches and all the crap growing up between the paving slabs. So two and a half hours of that. Oh, had to take the dog out for a quick spin first as she wouldn’t leave me alone.

Had lunch. It’s Sunday, I had eggs.

Then started on the second task of the day which was the continuation of the bathroom cleaning. So wiped off all the remaining mold off the ceiling and around the windows then sealed it all with some spray stuff. Let that dry while I washed down all the walls, door and skirting boards. I then painted the ceiling and the window sides, no mold to be seen anymore. So then got through half a bottle of Domestos cleaning the tiles. I must admit I made a pretty good job of it, the grout has now gone back to white in most places. I think it could probably do with a few more sessions, but not bad. Then hoovered it all. So that was three hours of bathroom cleaning.

Then looked at the new electric bill. Apparently I’m using 33% more electric a day than I was last year over the previous three months. So need to see where the power is going, it’s either the wine and beer fridges or the two PC’s jammed into the server cabinet. So I’ve ordered one of those plug in power monitor thingies to see where it’s all going. I think at the end of the day I’ll just blame it on Jamie and demand more money from him.

So that’s it for another day, but at least I got a few decent things done, it’s been a while since I’ve had a good DIY day. Listened to Kraftwerk while cleaning, kind of correct sort of music for it. Anyway, already on the wine, now time for a bath and then X-Factor no doubt.

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