So the beer fridge costs £17 a year to run

So it was back on to the mobile game (as yet still undisclosed title, well I know what it is, and it’s quite a big one). Sorted out a few issues with quad trees that I’d over looked and fed them back into the audio lib. Then sorted out some AI issues, probably another couple of days of work for me to put into it. Until the next 40 page game play report arrives.

Jamie was off today so didn’t get out of bed until I came back from taking the dog for a walk, which was the middle of the afternoon. Had an email from ‘Heatteam’, who apologised for being complete cocks and said they can book me into a Saturday when I’m busy. They can come on the 1st of November and then quite frankly fuck off, I’ll cancel the contract as it’s far cheaper elsewhere. I’m tempted to just get the boiler changed as it’s 18 years old and unlike most 18 year olds, this ones a bit of a munter. Any one any boiler fitters who don’t take the piss? I don’t want a power flush or a magnaclense, just change the fucking boiler and vanish.

Went to the gym, ran for seventy minutes. Ate salad. Now watching the choir thing with Gareth Malone. I think if I met him I’d have to punch him first then buy him a beer. It’s torture porn night.

Oh, I’ve now got this gadget which plugs in and measures power usage, so I’m going to measure everything and produce a spread sheet. So far the beer fridge has been measured and costs about 17 quid a year. I’ll live with that. The wine fridge is up next, anything under a hundred and that stays. If Jamie consumes more than a fiver he will have to go. Also need someone who tiles bathrooms.

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