Time to say goodbye….

You’ve been with me for a long time. Many years. I think since I was about twenty. I’m sure you once belonged to my sister, until I stole you for my own. There was one before you, but that was taken from me (actually by the friend who turned up in yesterdays dream, not Keith Lemon, the other one, may be it was a omen). We’ve been together for twenty years, every morning you’ve been faithfully there, only once or twice have I ever forgotten you, but you’ve never complained. You’ve seen bits of me that I’ve never even seen. But the years have rolled on and age has finally taken it’s toll. Your once vibrant colour has faded and replaced by blackness, where you were once a perfect round you’re now just a strange shaped blob. There will be no funeral, no big send off, no flowers. Even after all this time together your fate is to be cast out to a great landfill site where you will continue to rot to nothing more. I therefore give you one final solute and bid you goodbye forever, I will miss you little red sponge.

Actually on yesterdays entry I was somewhat incorrect. During dinner Jamie did consume a bottle of Smirnoff Ice, now he handles alcohol as well as Jimmy Savile handles a twelve year old, so after being in bed for an hour catching up with the X-Factor we had a bit of a session which was nice. Anyway woke up this morning, let the dog out for a piss (she already decided during the night that she needed one and probably failed to wake us so there was a nice puddle by the kitchen bin). Had breakfast. Then I was still feeling rather horny. I tried pressing various buttons and prodding things but I think I would have got more response from a British Gas customer care line. Now dear reader you’re going to have to start commenting on posts if you want to know more, it’s all a bit silent in here.

So I got up and continued with my cleaning quest. I spent the next five hours cleaning the on-suite and the bedroom window. It’s sparkling. I even got the brown stuff (unknown) out of the bathroom carpet. We then went to the Toby Carvery, which was fine except the service was abysmally slow. I then came back and cleaned the kitchen, hoovered all of downstairs again and washed the floor. Jamie’s now taken the dog out for a walk, so when he comes back he can wash the floor again. I’m going to have a bath, it is a Sunday after all.

Got some results in from the electric power meter thing. Basically, servers are bloody expensive so need to replace them with much lower power machines. Yearly costs: Beer fridge £17.52, Wine fridge £26.07, Server £122.68, pfSense £131.89. So that’s £250 a year to keep mannmansion.com, thetorturepornmovieblog.com and all my email and internet connections flowing. I reckon that’s about £200 quid too much. So I think it’s time to build some ITX boxes to cut that down to something sensible.

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