Audio is finally all done

So today I had a few bits to tidy up on the audio lib and basically got them all done. Sorted out the new sample code test suite, fixed everything up on iOS, that’s basically it. So next it’s on to network libs.

Can’t really say anything interesting happened at all today. Weather was drizzly and dull, neither the dog or I could really be arsed to walk to long in it, we kind of went through the motions but I think both our minds were elsewhere.

New little carpet sweeper thing arrived, it’s quite cute.

Went to gym, did combat, then ran another few miles afterwards. Off to poo pills now so turds should turn back to normal, at the moment I’m firing out canon ball style peas from last nights dinner.

Added a few more movie reviews of stuff I watched last week, some good, some just bloody awful. “DIE” “The Collapsed” “Quarantine”

So now it’s time to do the dishes and eat salad. Oh, no cheese. New cleaner (well hopefully new cleaner) is going to visit tomorrow, she apparently only drinks decaf coffee though, so could be strange.

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